A chieftain of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Abia state, Sir Chikwe Udensi has called on the president Muhammadu Buhari led federal government to take active measures and halt the killings ravaging parts of the country especially in Plateau state.

In a statement personally signed by the interpol consultant and made available to Newsmen, he also decried the effects of insecurity on the nation in especially in its quest to create jobs and attain food security.

The Abia gubernatorial aspirant said “The primary responsibility of every government across the world is to ensure that her citizens’ security and welfare are duly catered for and draw a potent roadmap that will ensure they are protected from any form of internal or external aggression. This is boldly enshrined in the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria to be the primary reason a government should exist ab initio.

“Sadly, events within our country in the past couple of months have pointed to an angle where hundreds of our people have been brutally murdered in cold blood in some parts of the country, most worrisome the recent killing of over 200 people in Barkin Ladi in Plateau state. Report has it that homes were torched and churches burnt. This is sad, disheartening and condemnable especially at a time Nigeria has been fingered for its notoriety in failure to take proactive steps in ensuring the safety and security of her citizens by the international community.

“More heartbreaking, these monstrous marauders have not come up with any concrete reasons why they should engage in the orgy of killing of our people in a cold hearted mission of blood, leaving in their trail tears of sorrow, anguish, agony and pain. Women, children and the elderly are not spared. How long shall this continue? How long shall we continue setting a bad precedence for other nations even while we pontificate as the giant of Africa?

“The mind boggling insecurity across the nation has a dangerous concomitant effect on all of us. If we are not directly affected, we would be indirectly affected. At a time when the level of unemployment among the young ones has hit the rooftop, and the campaign for investors to come into the country to do business with us heightened, all the efforts would be fruitlessly negated because no investor would want be in an environment of uncertainty and fear”.

He also made a case for state policing as one way the insecurity challenges could be tackled. “The multi faceted marks of insecurity that have dotted our land has made the argument for state police even more pivotal. The centralized police system has proven to be very ineffective in dealing with the current challenges that stare us with brazen impunity. No doubt, the shortcomings especially finance and executive abuse cannot be totally dismissed but any step that will enhance the security and safety of our people must be embraced. We must support the Senate in this state police agenda”.

He also wants the government to put in place measures to tackle the dropping standard of living of Nigerians birthed by insecurity.


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