Vote for individuals not party~Nonsense.

…Uche Ogah’s tactics, a joke taken too far.

I am certainly shocked to read and listen to supporters of the factional APC gubernatorial candidate in Abia State, Mr Uche Ogah, who are trying to market their project by working hard to exonerate him from the failures of APC. Just recently, Uche Ogah’s aides distanced themselves from the travails of the former Governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu in the hands of EFCC over an alleged fraud case of #7.2bn of Abia money, even when it is obvious in Abia State that Uche Ogah is indirectly working to achieve Orji’s dead on arrival third term bid by proxy.

The newest addition to their cacophony of noises is the disjointed phrase that has become Uche Ogah’s anthem: ‘Abians will vote for candidates not party’.

Having experienced the bad side of governance and its attendant vicissitudes in this APC-ravaged landscape called Nigeria, it does not bother me that they have accepted openly that APC is a failure. By such assertion, they have also embraced the truth that their party has no place in Abia State. It is only inhuman to justify injustice on the altar of politics. Uche recognized, perhaps very late, that he has been duped by agents of negative change.

While I will not force it down on him and his supporters to accept the second term bid of their party leader, it is however incumbent on them to explain to Abians why they decided to jettison President Buhari after making desperate unrealistic promises of delivering millions of votes to the Daura born president whose hitherto popularity has dwindled to zero like that of his party and their leaders in Abia State.

APC in Abia State has refused to align with anything Buhari, instead they have resorted to hoodwinking their few supporters who have posed cogent questions to them on why they should support someone that has deep disdain for Southeasteners.

Constitutionally, a candidate is voted based on the conviction of the party’s manifestos, that is the reason behind the supremacy of the party over candidates and political office holders. The late activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi advanced this knowledge in the case of Rotimi Amaechi vs Omehia during a court battle for the soul of Rivers State when it was decided that electorates voted for PDP not Omehia whose face was at the ballot. We all know the history.

Uche cannot talk about restructuring and power rotation when his party is totally in support of marginalization and feeding-bottle governance. This counts for reasons why it is practically impossible to see any APC governor that is not supporting cattle colony and other harsh policies of the government at the centre.

It is impossible to see any State governed by APC where there are no security challenges and instability resulting from rapes, killings and the destruction of people’s farms and their other livelihood by suspected killer herdsmen which till date, no arrest has been recorded.

Someone could ask if those instabilities were recorded in Lagos in the past 3 years being an APC State , We know how the only person that tried to do things right was removed. A story for another day.

The publicity shy Uche Ogah as a green horn, may not understand that the performance of any individual power holder is subject to the guiding party principles. No wonder it is quite easy to become an anarchist once you join a party that has no respect for rule of law.

To advance their intentions, parties give tickets to willing allies that will replicate the mindset of the party’s leadership.

We understand the quagmire Uche Ogah is facing at the moment, it’s naturally difficult to agree to sell your people to the evil hands of Fulani herdsmen that are currently advancing their tactical strategies of conquering Nigeria for the benefits of feeding their cattle with farm produce that should sustain our aged mothers and fathers at rural areas.

What is the take of APC on restructuring? Any political party that does not support self-sustenance, resource control and true federalism, is an enemy of NdIgbo. We have gotten to the point that the tall dream of 2023 Igbo Presidency will not move us more than a well restructured Nigeria that will engender equity and equality. That is what PDP represents while APC follows the dictates of the President to build a refinary in Kastina for deposits of oil in the South. That is the ideal good governance Uche Ogah promises NdiAbia.

Have you wondered why OUK foundation must render services in Borno while we have flood displaced persons in Imo State?

APC is a northern agenda and members must impress the leaders to be be accepted in the party.

No, Uche Ogah, you don’t have an agenda other than that which has been written by APC with bold instructions on how to impoverish the Igbos, create cattle colonies as well as kill trade and commerce in the South.


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