North Korean President, Kim Jong Un has described Nigeria and Ghana as the backbone of Africa , because according to him, “they have all the natural resources in abundance to make them the most important and sought after countries in the world but corruption is a major problem and a curse to them”.


“Give me just a year and i will transform these two countries into first class countries that will attract businesses all over the world.

Nigeria should give in, Ghana should give in and let us colonize them for the second time so they will eventually learn how to run a country .

These two countries are on a mission of proving to the whites that blacks are only good at crimes and having the power of having long lasting sex .


Sit up Africa ,Sit up Ghana and sit up Nigeria or just sell the countries to us”

North Korean President Kim Jong Un

Source : Al Jazeeera W/A


  1. Nigeria 🇳🇬 should reason with Kim jong un, because we will never get a good opportunity like this one ☝️ so our shameless politicians should sit with guy that is trying to help us out and start the process before 2019 election or if he is ready before the months ends please👍🙏🙏 Kim jong May God bless your heart for helping us sir .

    • We say no to this evil Kim, do you think we don’t know what your so call country is passing through?(Your country might be rich but your regime is hell to your subjects)(Fundamental human right is important)

      We might be corrupt quit alright but more intelligent to buy your evil thought.

        • We can sell evil our leaders and it’s President to him. Our leaders only amount the country’s wealth for themselves and immediate family. They can even be sold to he’ll if is possible.

      • U are a fool what fundamental right are u enjoying when even to say the truth will be term as head speech, abeg let just consider this recolonization idea not necessarily to Kim but to other more country’s it may just turn out to be our best short, even if it is for just five years, I really want to this country working in the right direction. I am tired of this old cargoes looking and starving us of our resources and taking it to invest in the white man’s land that to me is worst than being colonize in ur own country

    • My dear, these people are more corrupt than African politicians. There’s always a hidden motive. Africa has been once colonised by the western world. It took real struggle to develop to this stage. He spoke about resources but remember that it is these countries that aim for our resources to develop their countries. Don’t
      be deceived

      • Calm Down. From the look of things right now, we need a strong and iron hand to straigthened all crooked and bend ways. Remember he said under 1year, we would become ✊ firatclass country

      • I quite agree and appreciate your feedback but when do think all our leaders would grow up and realised that their citizens or ordinary or poor people elected them to the positions they are enjoying. They are suffering poor people, until poor people start kicking them out of the offices and positions they think belong to their families, we shall be out of poverty. Poor people must start exposing their malpractices and corruptions. Ordinary or poor people must STOP respecting them, we must start legitimate REVOLUTION, poor people must form a party, as Omoyele Sowore and Moghalu parties willing to oust these corrupted politicians, leaders, chiefs and civil servants. Not until these thieves, heartless and evil people are ousted and wipe off out of our countries the struggle will still continue. This is ugly decision, so call ‘holy saviours’ Chinese asking us to give them our wealth and life, it is evil and shall be a great mistake, if we should dare accept this proposal. We don’t want to become slaves under anyone again and again. At the moment we are struggling to liberate ourselves colonial masters but these bad politicians, leaders and religion clergymen could not let us free out of these oppressors. These bastards took all our wealths to their countries, thinking they are enjoying good lifestyles. It is not fair to citizens living on poorly salaries and bad conditions while these bad leaders spending nation money belongs to all citizens. It is about time that ordinary or poor people gather together start carrying out JUNGLE JUSTICE on them. It’s because the politicians and leaders know what to do in order to stop poverty but they deliberately not implementing them. They are greedy, don’t care and enjoy corruption because nobody could stop them, upon all these odds, poor people still hailing them with their atrocities, simply because they think they are helpless, without knowing that the power to terminate them is within their fists.

        Please GOD Almighty Intervene to World Oppression! Set poor people Free in the hands of oppressors

    • The grass is not always Greener on the other side my nigga, this guy will torture you hommies if you dare and resist rules he implements, and also the 3 Generation arrest he has in place in North Korea… Be careful blood

    • Why would you want your country to be colonized? If they are not helping then they are hurting you. If he wants to do something positive he can provide resources to stabilize the economy and farming tools for the people of your countries. The history of the Continent is colonialization.

    • Comment:I think the best thing to do is to invite the Korean engineers and build a village for them,then,ask our engineers to learn from them, remember, they are Nuclear power holders too, see what they did to TRUMP.

  2. Mr graduate man, I think you have got it mixed up. It is the Government’s responsibility to build research centers or start ups as you put it. Since you claim to be an academic, I think you should do a case study of USA which also has mega churches. Like Joel Osteens Lakewood church. Your Government is corrupt,stop blaming a pastor who has used offerings to build an admirable edifice to the glory of God. I will not be surprised if you are a Christian. The worst attackers of the kingdom are Christians themselves.

    • Don’t mention USA when it come to corruption, get it right if you are in government and you get cut stealing you will be remove right away ,the USA congress man that get involved with Atiku is currently in prison and you Nigerian will not touch your corrupt leader, you are about to make atiku your next president, why people don’t tell the truth any more. Fake people, fake mind, fake thought.

    • Good reply KS. I wonder where this guy is from. How do you blame an individual for
      Building a church instead if hospitals. If a doctor built a church instead of a hodpital,then i will try to reason with him. This guy is a pastor for Gods sake. The devil is hard at work always criticizing any thing for Gods glory.

    • May God forgive you. Mismanagement and misplaced priority. There are so many ways churches could help Government. Are churches paying taxes? God is watching

    • People always talk about building mega churches and sighting examples from others. Is this what the bible really teaches us to do? Build big churches and sin continue to abound? What is the purpose of Christianity? Is building big churches the reason why Christ died for us all? Was Jesus a rich man on Earth? Did Jesus focus on money instead of repentance and giving to the needy? Christianity is all about repentance and helping the needy. Not an avenue to get wealth and turn the church into a monarchy regime where the first child inherit the church after the father has passed away. Change your mentality. The USA that you make reference to is the headquarter of Evil.

    • It is a slap on our face for a president to rise up and nigeria to recolonized. After our independence we still want recolonization. Come to think of it, these people only want to recolonize us because if natural resources, not to make our our people happy. Remember the period of colonization and even before that slavery. These Asians are brutal and it is sure after their promises, they will want to claim the country from us. Even before claiming the country we can see them all around especially in their industries, the way our people are been treated.
      So therefore, this goes to our government to stop been corrupted and selfish. The proposal of Kim shows that we don’t have a good government

      • Let’s examine our style of leadership and do the needful to put smiles on the faces of the masses.
        Let’s reduce our level of corruption to the lowest minim if we can not eradicate it totally.
        If we can manage the resources GOD has graciously given to us truthfully, within a year as that North Korean president has said, our nation will be sought for one.
        May GOD remove our shame as a nation.

      • How are we treating ourselves, are we the owners of the resources or a few, have we done better to ourselves all you accused them of? Pls let’s be realistic and sincere and bury our pride and accept failure and accept help.

  3. Kim come to Nigeria immediately with your tanks,mind you one of our master of divide and rule UK in collabo with US will give you problem,because they are benefitting from the chaos

  4. The church needs to wisen up cos the next generation is rising up. #tired of all these fly preachers and religious capitalist.

  5. Hello Mr.Kim. I am from Nigeria, I don’t know about Ghana, now do you really know the problems of Nigeria? I don’t think they really need recolonized. Somebody that have a stealing mind no matter what he or she had, they will still be stealing. After one year of recolonized Nigeria I bet with you they will still be doing the thing or worse. Having said that, what is the problems of Nigeria then and now? I can point out just one thing and inside this there is four main things and this are the problems of Nigeria. Nevertheless, this one thing is known as Corruption. And this are the four main things inside it. Tribalism, Hatred, Selfishness, Devilish art. Progressively, Tribalism makes the Nigerian vote out the right person that can rule Nigeria amicably whereby even the less privileged ones too can see the country affordable and leaving in genuine life and thereby ring in a wrong person. Moreover Hatred, hatred makes the Nigerian to see that what the leadership is doing is wrong and by so doing they came out with a ligation, impeachment and all short of things to destroyed that very leadership tenure and at end they push them aside through frustration. Now taking Selfishness into consideration, Selfishness in part of Nigeria leaders made the run the country’s money into their own private account, just because they wanted coming into power for second and third time and the money which they diverse to their private account is the power, with which they suppose use for the development of the country Nigeria. Finally the last but not the least, Devilish art, this Devilish art did not allows them to think and plan for the future of Nigeria, I don’t know weather the Devil himself has blinded their ear and eyes that they can’t hear or see outside country’s
    that they cannot even compares Nigeria with others outside country’s. And again after diversion of Nigeria’s money and some properties well enough to their unyet born third devilism generation, I think they should plan and do some thing reasonable to the country Nigeria. I believe this are the four main problems of Nigeria and I don’t think recolonization is what matter. Thank you.

    • Thank you very much…You said it all. I just pray God touch the heart of our leaders to see we Nigerian as one big family. I just think fighting against corruption is like fighting with the shadow. I think controlling corruption is best. We should all know the truth about the problem in Africa generally…our problem is poverty… It have been a major problem in Africa right from the genesis.It has eaten we Nigeria so deep that the any Nigeria can do anything to have money. poverty is a great enemy to human happiness. It lead to all crime. If we can reduce the rate of poverty in Nigeria because i think it about 63%. We all need light, even God himself the first thing he did was to separate darkness from light. Even if they cannot give us good roads, good food they should at least give us light to see the bad road at night. biko abeg.. If our government can reduce poverty in Nigeria to at least 30% -40%. we will know Nigeria is a great country…

    • Its not just Nigetia brother. The whole of Africa is curse. Africans are evil people. Look at what is going on now in my country cameroon.

    • DAT one problem u just mentioned.. CORRUPTION DAT is responsible for all d predicaments in ur country is wat Kim jun is trying to destroy..d question is do u trust him to give him d chance?

  6. God forbid. You people don’t know what you’re asking for. These people are brutal. If they were ever given the opportunity, they would Sink their talons so deep we should never be able to get rid of them.
    I live in Canada, and these Asians are EVERYWHERE. Their corruption is organised, not like the blatant crap we have at home in Nigeria, and that’s even more dangerous.
    You simply cannot understand racism until you have experienced it.
    God forbid that they should be given fill power in Nigeria. God forbid!!

      • Ode why are you here disgracing your generation, he’s talking important thing here you’re talking about Ghana nonsense Jollof, is it only jollof you can be proud of? Ghanaians are always ignorant bunch of insecure people. fools spit.

    • You are right sir, please i want to move to Canada for studies but don’t know how to go about it i don’t want to be scamed please help me here is my number +2348103022804 Facebook name Israel oge.

  7. Yes is true. Bcos we have all the resources in Ghana n Nigeria that no other countries have, but yet still our country is deeply sinking. Why??? We must be colonies once again and learn our dump lesson. Our corrupted sheepishly leaders must please think of we the civilians in the country. Mr Kim we need ur service badly before is too late

    • Foolssssssssssssssssss… I can’t believe Nigerians are saying this… You want to be colonized again? Idiots… Do you think colonization is meat pie? Are you for real? The whites came with religion and ate deeply into us, changed many things about us that was not us, made us not to be proud of ourselves, destroyed us to an extent. We are not yet back from that journey and one fool is saying we should allow him colonize us again and STUPID SET OF NIGERIANS are saying it is good.
      When will you be wise that the whites do not love us? When be wise to learn… They are after our resources… They are after our man power… They are after exploiting us… The fact that our leaders are not getting it right doesn’t mean that one day, a leader will rise up and take that mantle of real change…those white bastards do not like us or intend to help us… They give 10% help and receive 90% interest in return… are you fools ni? Chai!
      Nigerians to werey gannnnnn… Shit….


      • You are the fool and idiot, is it not better for a stranger to colonize you and the international community will keep watch at his excesses and intervain than be colonize by ur fellow country and it become almost impossible for the international community to intervain bcos they want to intervain directly in ur nations affairs all in the name of being a sovereign nation .

  8. We are ready to sell out all Nigeria political leaders because they are core problems Nigeria, as for Ghana, the truth is that they are far better Nigeria.

  9. We are ready to sell out all Nigeria political leaders because they are core problems of Nigeria, as for Ghana, the truth is that they are far better than Nigeria.

  10. What are you waiting for, Kim go ahead, let’s sell this country my fellow Nigerian, it’s the right time we sell this country, we citizens we don tire for our corrupt leaders, deceit and suffering is too much o,… Hmmm, i only talk my mind o

    • You are sick in the head… It’s because of people like you that’s why the nation is not moving forward. Without thinking, you agreed to this suggestion…. Wise up. No one can help us except our ownselves .

    • Let our leaders know that they have disgraced and dehumanised us so badly by their lies and insensitivity to our plight as a people. After fifty-eight (58) year of independence we are still wallow in darkness. No lights, electricity to manage our lives. Even to run our generator ( l better pass my neighbor) is becoming more difficult. So, why won’t Kim or whoever he is insult us. Ghana is still far better than us at least they have steady 💡 and respect for human life.

      • Stupidity is the caus of the insults we receive from this people. They keep talking to us yet, we are leaning nothing from it. All I know is everyone should prepare for the coming of our lord Jesus. Truly he is coming. Pls don’t for get this. U will soon die, b4 u get too 150 to 180. Where will u be. How is going to happen, and when will that be. If our dear Nigeria is good or bad. Also how good are u with ur Maker. What relationship do u have with him. First thing first. WHO ARE U to God

  11. I am very angry about Kim attributed statement. This is a pointer that we are always seen as second class citizen.
    These people aid and abet our leaders to plunder the nation’s.
    They are jealous of us.
    Can you see the word used “recolonize” God forbid bad thing. If they come they will never leave again. IS IT not his country that everyone is a zombie and have no say.
    Here we open our mouth anyhow showing so much of lack of knowledge and understanding. Too much freedom can lead to stupidity. The day will ever think of this we cease to exist as a nation. They have nothing in their countries anymore. They are not thinking of mutual benefits but a way TO MAKE us zombies and slaves without emotions and thoughts. GOD FORBID IT.
    Nigerians you better watch what you wish for. And remove the world order from your medulla that every thing in color red or white is superior. Is the strategy of the end time. Watch out for China North Korea etc. No genuine interest.

    • Wow. What is the matter with you all! Do you not pay attention to the history around the world when it comes that African, and African descended people??? Nigeria, you are a very beautiful and rich country! You have what it takes to fix yourself! You have some of the rarest resources in the world! The people must stand and fight for what’s right! If you have outside country come in to fix your problems, what do you think that’s going to cost you??? Nothing in this world is free. So you going to trade one dictator for another??? And these dictators are far more advanced in Corruption and organized. Stand up, and we organize your own! You giving other people your country, they will take it! And they will never leave because it would be theirs.

  12. Nigeria is the most useless nation in the world.I hate the nation cos of these politicians and d fact we are not fighting.we need guns,bullets and war.our soldiers die daily in the hands of boko haram cos politicians share the money meant for procurement of weaponry and we send them to die with only ak47 and a few old rickety tanks .so im sure the soldiers will even join us.we need to slaughter anyone who has ever ruled in one capacity of another.I did diploma and then went back to do yr 1 in a university and spent another 5 yrs.I never benefited 1 naira from this nation and graduated without any jobs after suffering years of hunger.we need to united and fight

  13. The most important issue is our leader, that man said they are ready to buy Nigeria. My people there is fire on the mountain this set of leader can sell us if care is not taking

  14. Why do I feel like this article is disrespectful on so many levels if it’s even real🤔 first off I wouldn’t do business with anyone who says that we are known for crimes and long lasting sex and I’m not even from Africa. If your not uplifting us in a positive manner then what’s your motive why are u trying to recolonize real help in my opinion is actually that helping giving advice maybe even showing the way but for you guys to do it on your on… really want to trust a dictator? Really..

    • Kim I love you so much and I support the idea of recolonization and buy over of our falling state nigeria, please come to our aid is only your type that can lead use to the promise Land. Ajim apologize to the best leader in the world president KIM JONG UN

  15. Mind your biz Mr Psycho Kim, North Korea is not problem free, solve them, we will solve ours. God forbid recolonisation, especially by Psycho like you.

  16. What a shame that our people are responding to this disgraceful statement of Kim as a good move. This man is being worshiped by his people; you can be jailed for not bowing to the picture of Kim. There is no religious freedom. Christian have to smuggle Bible from South Korea to reach out to the North Korean and they do this at a great risk. Nigeria is better than North Korea. There is no democracy in North Korea and this may not be sustainable as a revolution may happen someday. My problem with our people is that they should begin to support the young and fresh minds like Sowore, Eunice Atuejide etc instead of the recycled old people who put us where we are presently. I see a better Nigeria coming soon. All of you saying negative things about Nigeria would be shocked.

  17. You are welcome, almost all of our politicians are selfish they only knew how to maximize their improvement not for the masses and development of the our dear country.

  18. Good day my fellow contributor, it seems majority us didn’t know what Jim is talking about, is a very simple thing, when you are recolonize you don’t need to pull down buildings or government structures No, simply change the constitution and also decentralized and detrabalize that country. (Pls Note this )

  19. It doesn’t take recolonization to deal with corruption. Corruption in Africa is largely cultural, developmental and attitudinal. These do not need recolonization. What we rather need is a change in the corruption aspects of culture, equitable access to developmental resources and change in attitude. Indeed the fight against corruption has a huge potential in helping to achieve the SDGs including SDG 2. History has revealed how colonization has resulted in mass robbery on African resources and much of underdevelopment has been attributed to foreign influence. We cannot trust our development in any foreign hand. We must take responsibility for our own development. My opinion please

  20. Nigeria and Ghana, has what it takes to establish a great nation, but corruption is there basic principles. I still say this, for Nigeria to be good, all this good for nothing leaders should be eliminated you will see a new face of leadership, there will be a room for the young people to rule and put things in order. Anyway eliminating all the corrupt people in the country, there will be be good government.

  21. He doesn’t know anything
    He could be smart in their own ways but trust Nigerians they will put him into shame because Nigerians are smarter and more intelligent when it comes to misrule and kwaropshon.

  22. Let him make south Korea a developed country first the he can talk to us. President Xi of China can say that cause everyone knows where China is now in the world rankings. Rome was not built in one day plus they the whites & others conived to keep Africa down. They give shelter to our political thieves & their stolen money.

  23. The writer/reporter of this comment by Kim Jong In needs to give attribution. Where, when and why questions need to be answered. As a veteran journalist you ought to give you readers the whole story. Where did Kim Jong In say what he is quoted as saying? What prompted him to say it? Was it press conference? Called by whom? Those are points that lend a story greater credibility and makes for objective reporting. I, too, bear the quill.

  24. The writer/reporter of this comment by Kim Jong Un needs to give attribution. Where, when and why questions need to be answered. As a veteran journalist you ought to give your readers the whole story. Where did Kim Jong Un say what he is quoted as saying? What prompted him to say it? Was it a press conference? Called by whom? Those are points that lend a story greater credibility and makes for objective reporting. I, too, bear the quill.

  25. I think what North Korea president voiced out is really a good proposal to be put to consideration. Even if Ghana is not interested,i think Nigeria should consider the offer.

  26. Nigeria should but this into consideration. They are even much reasons for them to. The most important thing is that we have seen much promise with granttee. If Ghana is not interested, I think we should grab this offer.

  27. noting like accepting mr kim jong un offer especially nigeria, and my follow Nigerians should consider dis offer especially base on the country situation at hand that christ said the conforter I will sent so reduce ur prayer point and embrace christ own messiah kim jong un, dont worry about the religion bcs if God can use paul for him self how much more kim jong un

  28. Wow…! I luv it whn young pple shows concern in matters of national interest. The statement made by “Kim” has opens a forum of discussion. Ofcourse, that was how the British conquered us “Africa”. Nothing against the British though. “Kim” was fair in his open statement by using the word “colonize”. Which ever ways, I will not be a party to Kim’s request because I still believe in Nigeria. We have been clamouring for change since the regime of the military, now we are in democracy. When we look back, we can see the transition “frm worse to better”. In conclusion, I urge my fellow compatriots to actualize this dream “A better Nigeria” to be part of this change by Changing yourself first. That way, Nigeria will be greater. America, N.Korea and d rest of the world have made selfless services to become what they are today. We can do better if only we can keep aside our selfishness and do the right things. God bless Nigeria & Nigerians any where we are amen.

  29. Kim kim kim, what do u even call us? No way! Nigeria is not goods. How much do u and ur country have all together that can buy Nigeria…..

  30. …on what deal will it be?? The Ghana government should think twice and give 1/3 of Ghana to him after a thorough background check in North Korean governance. #Crime #LongSex #BigShame

    • You are sick in the head… It’s because of people like you that’s why the nation is not moving forward. Without thinking, you agreed to this suggestion…. Wise up. No one can help us except our ownselves .

  31. Kim? He too is corrupt. Kim has no idea about our value system. Actually not surprised with the way Kim speaks. Similar to the way thieves talk about an item they’re about to steal.

  32. Nigeria would given to you so that the southerners will have BIAFRA to build up…then we take Nigeria from you TO recolonize it again. HOW ABOUT THAT TOILET HEAD!

  33. The dynasty of North Korea has been 70yrs now. Kim Jong-un knows that, it began from the grandfather before his turn.
    Unfortunately, our republic has come mostly under the rule of Johns. Not from the same lineage but different tribes.
    He has every right to say that, but born into riches is different from trying to acquire some wealth for yourself and descendants.

  34. Trouble sleep yanga wan wake am up… No be wetin go kill you you wan start so? Only Oshodi for Lagos sef go scatter your setting.

  35. All of you that are supporting Kim Jung it’s because have no idea who he is somebody who can wipe out an etire family just because of one man’s crime what do you think he can do to every body that commit an offence let Kim Jung un settle his north Korea with his tyrant partarn of ruling n let our country be Good will intervein for us

  36. Mr President are you saying that there is no corruption in North Korea. You people are more corrupt than whatever you think is going on here in Africa . Gerrout with your bullshit

  37. My dear, these people are more corrupt than African politicians. There’s always a hidden motive. Africa has been once colonised by the western world. It took real struggle to develop to this stage. He spoke about resources but remember that it is these countries that aim for our resources to develop their countries. African politicians are corrupt but don’t
    be deceived that these countries will do us any good. Rather, you should know that most of these western politicians regard Africans as inferior to them and they are not looking for a situation where African countries like Ghana and Nigeria being regarded as equal to a western country like North Korea.

  38. Foolssssssssssssssssss… I can’t believe Nigerians are saying this… You want to be colonized again? Idiots… Do you think colonization is meat pie? Are you for real? The whites came with religion and ate deeply into us, changed many things about us that was not us, made us not to be proud of ourselves, destroyed us to an extent. We are not yet back from that journey and one fool is saying we should allow him colonize us again and STUPID SET OF NIGERIANS are saying it is good.
    When will you be wise that the whites do not love us? When be wise to learn… They are after our resources… They are after our man power… They are after exploiting us… The fact that our leaders are not getting it right doesn’t mean that one day, a leader will rise up and take that mantle of real change…those white bastards do not like us or intend to help us… They give 10% help and receive 90% interest in return… are you fools ni? Chai!
    Nigerians to werey gannnnnn… Shit….

    • I am shocked hearing that some Nigerians actually wants us to be recolonized… I think its because you don’t know the meaning of colonization… I think its because you didnt feel what your fathers felt during this period. How many died cos to the British, they were trying to help us become better and more civilized… That’s the same thing that animal want to do… WE WILL BE DEAD
      See, no white government is ever after the betterment of any African country… No matter the partnership whatsoever… Now, they want to find another way of being colonial masters, wanting to put down sth beautiful on the table (development) so that we would become slaves again…
      Before the British came, development had already started in Benin…(read up… I don’t have luxury of time to say further)… We were developing at our own pace… But then, they came subtly with religion, peace and all and from there, destroyed us and exploited the hell out of us…
      A modern way of colonization wants to take place… Colonization by agreement in order to develop your country… NO! that how it all starts… Then, they tell us our currency is wack… We should use theirs… Then they say our mode of dressing isn’t Korean standard, then we use theirs. Then they say our women are not supposed to hold certain positions, then we adopt that. Then they say our religion is not an ideal one, so we change to Buddhism or another thing leaving our traditional worship of our ancestors, or the borrowed worship of God, Sango, Allah and all.
      Nigerians, think and have sense… We have freedom now to steal and be corrupt, so also, we will have that same freedom to do that which is right for our country…
      I see the time where this country will rule Africa again… NIGERIA WILL RISE… We do not need any more colonization of any white bastards… We only want the colonization of a true and corruption free mindset… We only want one man who with this mindset, make many believe again and fight those corrupt ones, ripping them from all they have. Obasanjo, atiku, babangida, tinubu, dangote, saraki, buhari, amongst others… you guys should get the hell out of the way… Let Nigeria grow.

  39. We are tired of these political instability and democratic manipulations if ours leaders can’t fix our Nation,let him try.
    we are still colonized by a few blacks Nigerian indirectly,people are dying in Hunger,civil unrest and ethnicity so what does that mean, neo-colonization is in existence immediately after the past of original colonial masters.

  40. What a shame to the leaders of Ghana and Nigeria. I think they should read this, learn sense and sit up. These are countries where those who have power lack ideas and those who have ideas do not have power. May the leaders of these countries bow in shame!

  41. T I just pray God touch the heart of our leaders to see we Nigerian as one big family. I just think fighting against corruption is like fighting with the shadow. I think controlling corruption is best. We should all know the truth about the problem in Africa generally…our problem is poverty… It have been a major problem in Africa right from the genesis.It has eaten we Nigeria so deep that the any Nigeria can do anything to have money. poverty is a great enemy to human happiness. It lead to all crime. If we can reduce the rate of poverty in Nigeria because i think it about 63%. We all need light, even God himself the first thing he did was to separate darkness from light. Even if they cannot give us good roads, good food they should at least give us light to see the bad road at night. biko abeg.. If our government can reduce poverty in Nigeria to at least 30% -40%. we will know Nigeria is a great country…

  42. Funny though. But if parents seems irresponsible, why are the children taught to be and not functioning like Abraham in the Bible.

  43. He has North Korea to transform. Why is he failing there? If N Korea was success, we would understand such nonsense. But his people starving on annual basis and who will want that?

  44. Where and when did Kim Jong Un make such a statement? What’s the source of this story by Ugochukwu Nwankwo. Mister Ugo, don’t just drop any trash on social media for people to start commenting on. Pls do proper investigative journalism. Kim may be a young man but would not make such an irresponsible and reckless statement like Mr Trump.

  45. The truth is that if Kim want to help Nigeria n Ghana, is good but not through colonization it could be informed of advice.please we will not sell our country Nigeria kaji

  46. Let’s imagine what Kim could have done? Firstly, change our constitution, giving bribery and corruption, no matter how minute, dead penalty. Recruits more soldiers and get more sophisticated weapons; Visit our religious bigotry, Guide our crude oil jealously and search out other mineral resources; Refurbish our international trade, make use of our dons and professors with high integrity other than the drop out and huligance, and a lot of other amendment that me be difficult for us at the incipient. BUT HE WILL NEED TO FEED HIS COUNTRY TOO AND MAY NOT WANT TO GO WHEN WE ARE TIRED OF HIS DOMINEERING RULE. This present leaders must go. They must. Nobody is capable to pay the price among the forthcoming set.

  47. I’m sick and tired of this my country called Nigeria, I regret coming from Nigeria. When I see new born babies I cry inside my mind chai u re coming to face what we re experiencing

  48. Is quite unfortunate that every dick and Harry vomits whatever shit on our country just because our leaders are incompetent.
    If not dull baby like kim would have nurse someone element of fear before opening mouth to air any views. Kim is nothing but a funeral and cemetery investor that is why he goes on testing missiles continuously. While millions of his citizens are dieing of hunger daily. I don’t think he has what it takes to run a nation like ours.he better shut up his peak.

  49. Fantastic submission Mr Kim. Ghana really do not have leaders,but corrupt, selfish and shot sighted leaders who do not know what they have and always planning in ignorance.

  50. Mr. Kim learn how to walk before you run 🏃 ,have you finish solving your problems?.GHANA,we are okay ,we need no help from you. Even if we need help not from Korea.

  51. Mr Kim have u solve the problem facing ur country with the autocratic rule ur grandfather,ur father including you choose in ruling ur country which u turn d subjects to slaves and abuse of their rights. Na mumu be ur name.

  52. If there is no repeat of colonization, bet it Nigeria will remain under a perpetual bondage till thy kingdom come. Mark D’s word .

  53. If all this old fools call leader will art to it. We don’t need old people leading us we young men and our soldiers will given the power of arms to fight the hoodlums call boko haram to end in less two month all over nigerian

  54. Nigeria 🇳🇬 doesn’t need reconiziation the best and only option is to sell her cos” right from when i was a child i’v been hearing E GO BETTER, now i have grew up to youthful age and it has gone worse and continue getting worse. Mr Kim we’re tired and ready to sell Nigeria, please come.

  55. Well it looks like Kim still admire the Nigerian Manpower, may be one of their ladies has testified and he is not proud of their men.
    “The power to change Nigeria is in Nigeria “

  56. Yes, we know we have leadership and followership problem, but is North Korean qualify enough economically to say this to us? … honestly I don’t think so..

  57. What has long lasting sex got to do with political leadership. Kim is actually looking for our wealth to face the world. Recall the challenges he had with trump. He is in quest of expanding his kindom. He is selfish and more currupt than our leaders. How can we go back to Modern day slavery. Affliction shall not come the second time

  58. You got what you deserved because of the type of leadership foisted on you.If not how could a tyrant like Xu who virtually turned his country to a zoo of a kind be talking of recolonizing Nigeria.
    One thing is certain, all those constituting themselves to the problem of this country will be wiped out gradually with their generations, it is a natural process of sowing and reaping, they have sown the wind and must reap the whirlwind.
    Because of God’s Divine agenda for this country, it will rise again in greater splendour, prosperity and grandeur never experienced before by mankind. Nigeria will become the place to be as other Nationals scramble to come over to have a piece of the action.
    All those who got us to this parlours state of affairs will not be part of the glorified Nigeria.

  59. Those who cite with those unwse comment should fold their beds and move to stay with him. I bet you you will start regretting the very day you set foot know his land. Plus let’s be content with whatever we had. They are not better than us they envy the freedom we had in Africa. You just travel to their land and you will see how racist they are.

  60. As distasteful as it sounds, hardly anyone should be irked or offended by his comments.
    The facts are Stark and startling. That we are currently the poverty capital of the world should be enough evidence.
    The man is just underlining our failure to efficient and productively manage ourselves as a nation.
    Most importantly, we the citizens should ask ourselves how these predominantly thieving leaders find themselves in positions of power. My perspective is simple: it’s impossible for a demon to rule in a city of angels.
    Once we reconsider our base sentiments and mindset, our society will be the better for it.

  61. We are fully support of all what you people are doing, ready to work for our dear, President Atiku for 2019. By his grace..

  62. Kim, d situation in Nigeria is quite different from that of North Korea, the way governance of north Korea is right from your grand father down to you in a dynastical arrangement can not be in Nigeria with different ethnic, tribal and a population of over 200m unlike North Korea of just 25m population rule by you with a supreme dictatorial system, even if Nigeria is giving to you now you now, it will be very difficult for you to governe…

  63. I have been reading numerous comments from above and it seem people don’t really know who Kim jung un is . The North Korean president is a devil incanate that even worst than those foolish and selfish leader we have around us in this nation.Kim leave us alone and pocket your colonisation advice

  64. Even though our leaders are corrupt we still like their ruling system 😊😊…we repping Ghana for life no recolonization Kim jong ❌❌…hope you understand 🤨🤨

  65. How can you make Nigeria an investment top choice of the world, when your own country is the global least choice investment destination.
    We may have our challenges, notwithstanding, but at least there are elements of freedom in Nigeria.
    North Korea is worse than Nigeria in everything except nuclearisation

  66. Human development does not only resides in tall buildings, good roads/bridges, sophisticated arms etc but also freedom and Human Rights. Kim is only interested in African natural resources but not the dignity of Africans. These Asian Tigers should give us a break. They are equally looking for every opportunity to come and steal our resources just like some of our leaders.
    Kim’s message is also a wake up call to African leaders. Please, my African leaders enough is enough do the right thing to stop these criticism, insult and deformatory messages.

  67. Nigeria isn’t independent d way u & I thought. We re still under d colony of western power. Almost all our juicy companies re sold to them. Dey re d directors or managers of most of our companies. We rely on dem thru technical aids. Dey sponsors war in Africa to sell dere a munitions. Dey destroys our economy so dat we can be a dependant. We really don’t need dem bcoz indirectly Dey re part of us

  68. I agree half of what the Korea man is saying because he has see orther hand the way Ghanaian and Nigerian are suffering and may be he has a way he can use to help us,But i want to ask him if he knows the way those Ghanaian and Nigeria leader and citizens pass through to corrupt the country he should come and collaborate with the world leaders to take off this corruption people from our country,But to give the country to you,it will take long time for all of the country members to agree so that we need your help.And he talked about Sex is the key way to humans development, so that is good to make sex with your partner and Ghanaian and Nigeria have more resources including how to produce humans,though we have may be ten percent impotent to make sex but gradually they will get health from impotent to have sex to continue the human development,is Nature God who has bless us of all this resources and power to make Sex, please is only simple understanding that we need but gradually it will come,Is only just we to understand that one soul that living in many human body across the world, one man,one woman nature gave it to the world and through sex humans has spread in this world,there is no different between Ghanaian and Nigerian and orther countrys in the world,The problem is that those they dont know that when they die they are also the representative children in every house hold in this world cant developed this world, they leave in this world just and corrupt others for selfish interest for nothing the end they die and suffering in spirit among humans, But if you know that when you stomach is full of food and your orther brother or sister is hungry it means that you are still hungry, you will never be in tribalism,or religious discrimination or save a lot of money to some of our world country bank in other peoples name for futur use while development is for all but not only in your biological children, and you will not believe that am only come from this or that country, only word that you will say is that the world is my and all human is my, so that i will straight the world up,because this world belong to all of us that is why we all breathing one air.

  69. He is just a naive boy to say that, being a leader of a country whose annual GDP per capita is about $1,800, which ranks 197th in the world, according to the CIA World Factbook. GDP is 28 times higher in the United States and 18 times higher in South Korea.

    About half of North Korea’s population of 24 million lives in “extreme poverty”. And did I say their currency has a weaker value than that of Somalia? a country trying to start a fresh after decades of civil war.

    1USD = 4.957GHS (Ghanaian Cedi)
    1USD = 102.567KES (Kenyan Shilling)
    1USD = 363.042NGN (Nigerian Naira)
    1USD = 580.326SOS (Somalian Shilling)
    1USD = 900.014KPW (North Korean Won)

    The biggest problem in Africa is not corruption nor its fast growing population, The biggest problem in Africa is western powers trying to brain wash our citizens by showing how bad and wrong their leaders are, in a bid to destabilize our economies as they loot our resources, just as they did in Libya.

  70. North Korea is still not all that great. Kim Un is not the best leader but we know they are doing alot for their country. However, what he said of Nigeria and Ghana is somewhat true. I know also if he is to rule Nigeria the way he is doing in N, Korea things can get alot better but not in one year, may be withing 2 to 3 years. The corruption he is talking about as our main problem is also true considering the massive official stealing going on in the country. Most recent shameless clips circulating in Nigeria and outside of Kano State Governor, Ganduje receiving dollars bribe has done great damage to the Nation. It just proved beyond reasonable doubt the crudest way and extent of corruption that hinders our development. But worse than the corruption its self, is the way many Nigerians codole the corrupt politicians. The Governor is still in office going all over un ashamedly. He is even contesting for second tenure with the full support of his party and PMB. Instead of Nigrians to protest, the Governor is even supported by a legal NGO and some un concerned and insensitive Kano citizens. It is really ashamed and a testimony that we not yet ready to develop and progress soon.

  71. Comment: I don’t agree with What kim says, what our colonizing masters have done to us i think is enough, may be he was not born then

  72. Tell em we don’t need him ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌… This man is a fucking beast in his country

    Go to YouTube, you’ll be thankful for the present situation you are in Nigeria/Ghana

    Thank me later

  73. I think Kim is passing a massage to African leaders to wake up from thier bad leadership to good leadership specifically Nigeria and Ghana.

  74. They say talk is cheap! Building Nukes and being cheeky is not what development is all about, boasting he could turn around Nigerian and Ghana’s economies in a year while his own country is more or less a colony of China & his economy is in creases, his people eat grass to survive. The man still talks

  75. Well I think that the suggestion is simple cuz significant change and improvements is happening at Rwanda and Tanzania.If a leader can shut down churches and mosques in the country
    And also some can boycott independence ceremony and use the money for construction of roads.Massa u can also do same but we have not gotten a Leader with all those qualities . We want some who is brave in making decision, to reduce the salary of the members of parliament create an institution that will audit the coffers of the government every year. And a whole lot we need total change.

  76. I hope every African on the continent and the diaspora are paying a keen attention and listening ear to the mindset and views of how Edomites see Africa. One should know that majority African leaders only have limited and selfish greedy vision for their individual country.Every other country see Africa as a weak vulnerable disorganized country and it’s true. The many leaders, politicians, and statesmen are corrupted there is only talk they don’t really want Africa to unite because a real unified Africa won’t let them steal the resources for themselves, their families and friends, because each African leaders act like the natural resources is theirs to do as they please. Most African leaders seems very scared of a unified Africa and all Edomites leaders who’s country that have either colonized or exploit Africa in be some ways sees this and are trying recolonization and many of the weak greedy African leaders would lay back because of material and financial gains let it happen, because most times the sellout remain unaffected. Look out Africa because some of the most cruelest and evilest Edomites are trying to retake Africa,so the big question is what will Africa do

  77. Nigeria is the biggest prison in the word created by the western countries for those who rebelled against them in the time of slave trade. And now the Wilberforce of korea saw it as in justice and you are crying.. Waiting we don see for these white man dustbins se e no pass waiting not kwarea see. My friend don’t under rate nigeria we have first class in suffering so we no fear am. Come buy we are ready

  78. I seriously agree with you but before we sign this memorandum, oga Kim can u help us eradicate the menace of this BOKO HARAM of a thing by using ur nuclear power. I don’t care what d govt will say.

  79. Kim please just use your missile and nuclear weapons to collect the country by yourself. We can’t retaliate. We don’t have anything.

  80. I like a broadcast or comments like this.
    At least that the leaders of the aforementioned countries should be extremely ashamed of themselves.

    But to you Mr. Buyer and renovator, it’s not that the leaders of these countries don’t know how to make things work but the likes of you from Asia and Europe go into some form of dubious deals at the expense of the well being of their citizens. And all in your selfish interests.
    If only the leaders of Africa will for once recall that these countries they govern is theirs and start to consider for the Excellency of the future generation, they will stop looting what is rightfully their to dump to other developed countries.
    Have passion for their land and make it a HOME worth residing in.

  81. Uhmmm,
    Y don’t we Nigerians have a common sense. If he said so,he is just trying to show or tells how our countries are and the solution to our problems. Their our leaders should sit up right n do the right thing in the right time b4 its 2late for them….
    Proudly nigerian

  82. This is a slap on the face of Nigeria! Why should we experience another round of mans inhumanity to man? That president I know is not better than some of the intellectuals in Nigeria. How I wish Nigerians will see this as a challenge and remove ethnic consciousness, tribalism, greed and selfishness to prove to this nigger that we really can do it. I consider that word recolonization derogatory. NIGERIANS WAKE UP and face reality!

  83. I am appalled at yet another leader voicing their low opinion of Africa. First, let me say this, Africans do not need to prove anything to anyone other than to ourselves. Yes, I do agree that many countries are corrupt but first examine the cause/reason for the corruption. It seems okay for other countries to rape, steal & plunder Arica for its resources but those doing such for personal greed & selfishness should not be made accountable but only the Africans. Secondly, Kim seems to be forgetting some of his own Asian people. Thailand in Asia is the sex capital of the world. Europeans from many countries visit there in large numbers to have sex with Thai women and men. Being an African, I have never seen where any African woman uses her vagina to blow balloons at brothels nor do we have people in record numbers visiting the continent for sexually activities exclusively so Kim needs to clean out the trash in his own vicinity before insulting us. I don’t usually respond to these kinds of comments but enough is enough about African people.

  84. Nigeria as a country is wildly pronounced to the whole world that is a dead and forgotten hopeless country…….. As a legal citizen of Nigeria you are not subjected to have a passport without making payment from the beginning of entrance to the end of exit , still you will not have it…… Then do not think of having a job as a graduate when your direct relatives runs no offices

  85. We need to thank Kim, though his suggestion is an insult to our level of intelligence, but if I sit down and analyse the stench it doesn’t make sense but is a wake up call for both Nigeria and Ghana, because if we don’t change all our values and rearrange our system we always gonna be another victim of colonization.Is about time we bin all our greedy bastard leaders and replace them with young intellectual selfless ones by applying the opinions and phylosophies of Garvey and Nkrumah and learn to put equality and justice into practice with love.And I can assure you within ten years time this two countries are going to move from third to first world countries.Mark my words my beautiful people.Bob Marley said revolution make’s a solution, revolution time is now, because we need to step up our game

  86. God punish him wherever he is…he should focus on the internal problems of N/Korea than coming here to seek cheap popularity.

    This is an insult on our nation and I stand to condemn it.

  87. My fellow Africans, a majority who are hoping to be recolonised by the white and yellow devils of this world, please join these devils in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We will be glad to get rid of you, so we can start building our continent mother Africa. Once you’re out, never return again. We don’t know you. Also tell your slave masters to stay out of our affairs and leave our resources and continent alone. We will build Africa without ignorant fools who have no knowledge of their past. How many people did Leopold of Belgium killed or amputed for not meeting quota? Please, leave Africa by means of Libya and the Mediterenean sea. Your true destiny is waiting outside Africa.

  88. You elect old people to lead you to the grave or what? What you get from old people is an aged economy. How do young people vote old people ??? Shame of Africa!

  89. I think if it is so easy for Mr. Kim to transform Ghana and Nigeria to first class countries then he should be able to transform his own country to a first class country after he and his father have ruled and colonized North Korea for decades.

    China has to trade food underground with the North Korean economy in order to salvage it otherwise the whole country would have perish out hunger and starvation due to the sanctions imposed by the United States.

    It is not fair for other world leaders to mistake the inept leadership of the African governments and level the whole continent as a shit hole.

    If Mr. Kim thinks his own country has not been endowed with resources like Nigeria and Ghana why then has South Korea his immediate neighbor is not as impoverished as his own country.

    Colonization has been one of the reasons for Africa inability to develop progressively due to weaker institutional implementation and misplaced academic faculties and I don’t see any good that recolonization can impact Africa.

    North Korea has one of the worst human right violations in the world after United Nations discovered cruel and torturous treatment of their women and citizens by public officials in the country.

    Therefore if happiness should be a proper index for measurement of development then Ghana and Nigeria should be the countries to recolonize North Korea.


  90. Kim, you are right but that doesn’t mean you should wage insults on us like Trump did. Why would you insult African countries when you are the very people preventing our economic fortunes? We know our leaders are bad but you the world class countries are worsening the case. You give us loans with unbearable conditionalities, you come to squeeze our hands and take away our gold, oil and timber from us. You do not accept finished products from our countries yet you impose you inferior goods on us. Africa is Now the dumping grounds of the world. You can still help us without necessarily recolonizing us. Never think of colonization at all because, that one we won’t allow it. Just lower your cost of technological services to us and train more of our citizens, guide our leaders on how to govern and also provide us the best policies and how to implement them. As for corruption, we can only reduce it to an appreciable level but not entirely wiping it off. This is because, Africans love the family system of life, we love to live as identified ethnic groups saturated in one country, we also love religious identity as a people. People with these qualities would definitely be thinking of favoring one another and that brings nepotism. People of these qualities would also be on the lines of tribalism and the likes. We are also poor and have low levels of education on the majority part. Most would want to make through whichever ways possible.
    We know our problems but we hope for the best as God is in control of our lives.
    Once again, never think of any recolonization of African countries. We know how to deal with youvto make it.
    Thank Kim.

  91. We are worst culprits to ourselves of all we accuse them of, wake up to reality and the new world order. Stop deceiving ourselves and come to light Nigeria.

  92. That guy called Kim is right. Before Nigeria can be great, there would be a complete wipe-out of all the previous from 20 years back to date and the present politicians having wages from double sources. Are we READY for that? If no then we are dreaming of change that will never happen. Sorry for nigeria. All the khaki boys are toothless dogs who cannot bite- again , but they are happy been so. Crime everywhere everyday. There are lots of widows and orphans everywhere and nigerians keep saying “what can we do”.Hearts are bleeding. Nigerian must not think of change without tears. Success is change and there is no ROYAL way to it. Politicians CAN NEVER bring change to Nigeria because its their joy to punish others.

  93. I feel pitty for Nigerians brotgers hey! I’m a South African you know I wish theychange tgeir behaviour is a hindrances of their success to their leaders. They can’t fight their leaders but they can split around the whole world in all countries around the Globe and misrepresent their own Nigerians reputation. They are know of Bad things around the World like wherever there’s Nigerians is like parasites, the destroy and do bad things so one must tell me! If they could be capable of that out there hiw possible do good in their own Country.

    My heart bleeds a lot the way our Dear African brotherhood behaves. Look what’s happening in Kenya. Please it’s simple fight your leaders and do good things and love live and alway wush to build and prepares excellent legacy for the next generation. The way our African brotherhood behaves up there is caring for now, today, and for self greed which doesn’t give and build hope for future.

    In South Africa what they do is horrendous and we are patient bcs no choice of uour own brother but they have lost it completely .
    What’s painful is that they don’t see this problems and they are highly rude.

    TB Joshua is key to be made part of what could rise Nigeria South Africans love to the top of successful country ever. Insteat if learning from us South Africans much as we could to them they want to compete, you can’t compete if you fixed yet. Fix the car and take it to the track for competition to Formula One because is ready for the track road. Cleanliness is a concerning problems to all of Africans. We must stop being dirty and litter, unprofessional developments, unsave developments very bad. We have big mouth but we don’t do the right things is like brains don’t function properly please please let’s Stop thi Rwanda, Botswana and South Africa is trying to bring African and generally Africans on world mapping by doing good. Let’s do it please guy’s please we are good humans too

  94. We can sell evil our leaders and it’s President to him. Our leaders only amount the country’s wealth for themselves and immediate family. They can even be sold to he’ll if is possible.

  95. it’s a strong and iron man like Kim Jon that can handle Nigeria trully,I trust him on that at least he will kill all the Corrupt leaders

  96. I admire the courage of this 32 old leader , telling our old for nothing educated illiterates things they should know . For those who are attacking the young leader , how does colonization begin ? Do the master announce on the radio that .. hey we are coming to colonize you ?
    If happens naturally . Chinese are already having their own share in many other countries and people are atleast those countries no longer have to go to Dubai or Europe to enjoy social amenities , it’s right there within their reach .
    If paw paw colonize us :
    Our old people will have free medical care .
    We eI’ll save billions of dollars in foreign medical trips , foreign education , foreign house buying , foreign shopping , foreign movie and music production and all these foreign foreign mentalities because our country will now become “foreign foreign “for other foreigners .Our people are dying because they can’t afford medications that require just N2000 or even less.
    A 35 year old man in Nigeria look like a 50years old because of hardship and stress .
    Our economy has turned private : private School , hospital etc and it’s prices are in hundreds of thousands of Naira just because the government has killed our public institutions .
    Billions go into our ministry of power but all homes , for those who can afford it ,have generators
    All states have water boards but we only drink from private bore holes .
    We ministry for Road and transport but our LGA roads are bush parts that it’s inhabitants cut from time to time despite the millions of development allocations that go to our LGA chairmen . You are born and grow up to 40 years and nothing has changed in the village .
    For those who live in towns we have estate association that sand Dill Port holes and contribute money to bribe NEPA official for the once in a month light they have while they pay estimated bills of thousand every month .
    What we do is jobless Yoruba and jobless Igbo attacking jobless Hausa and vis a vis in the name of politics .
    Poverty snd ignorance plus not willing to learn is equal chronic poverty .
    We defend leaders that we only see stealing billions Before our own eyes not to develop your village but to offer them to whites to educate their dogs and cats after all it will end in our courts that will last for more than 20years or dye completely if the man would be crossing from one ruling party to another .
    We defend leaders that have turned our people to political thugs , armed robbers , yahoo pastors whose message center on tithes and offering and building of expensive schools and universities , Pastors who have most of their churches in Lagos ,Abuja, and $ £ € countries but non in suffering countries and villages , “prophets”of businessmen , top executives and politicians .
    What can we use to describe Nigeria ?
    To be recolonised or going for a violent protest against these criminal leadership is the only thing that will safe nigeria .

  97. It’s a shame to our leaders and to all Nigerian, we have greedy idiots as leaders who are not thinking of the growth of our Nation but what they will steal. Nigeria is a great and blessed country with every thing you need to be greater than the United State of America, they even know them that we are great, but we don’t know who we are because our minds are full of evil. how to cheat, steal and take what belongs to others. May God help us before it’s too late. God blessed the federal republic of Nigeria.

  98. Comment:yes your very right corruption is course to African country such as nigeria and Ghana, but God is with us in sha Allah

  99. I support this 100% – our leaders have proved to us that over 60 years after independence that they are incompetent and unwilling to transform our countries,rather they have plundered wealth and enriched themselves,they live lavish and leave the majority of us In abject Kim is just saying 12 months…salvation is nigh ,I pray we agree..

  100. The fact that he (Kim) used the word recolonize, it’s quite repulsive , repugnant & an insult to us. The word collaboration would have made more sense and received acceptance.


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