The flagbearer of the People’s Democratic Party for Bende Federal Constituency in the coming General Elections, Dr. Chima Anyaso has revealed his topmost agenda as he gets ready to assume office as the member representing Bende Federal Constituency.

Speaking to newsmen after he was endorsed by over 10 unions in Bende Local Government who came to his country home to register their avowal to make sure he comes out victorious in the coming elections.

In his words “Health they say it’s wealth. It’s only a healthy person who eats, drinks, goes to school, works and even contributes to nation building. So my number one priority will be to make primary and the basic health needs of our people available and affordable if not free.

“Then we will step up what we have done in the education sector. As you know we have a primary school which has existed for over 10 years and it’s totally free for all pupils. I believe that Education is the greatest form of empowerment every child can be given, so we will encourage our youths to embrace Education thereby reducing the number of drop outs. Some of them are interested to continue their education but the funds may not be there.

“These two are topmost in my agenda, we shall be looking at improving on the agricultural potentials of our constituency too and creating jobs from there, to augment the jobs we will be facilitating in the federal civil service. I know our people will enjoy this period and I can’t wait to see these things happen”.

He called on the groups to use their PVC’s wisely and vote in credible candidates who are genuinely concerned about the well being of the people.

Dr. Anyaso further urged them to protect their votes after casting to avoid rigging as that is the only strategy the opposition has.


  1. You don’t have any feasible plan for the people of Bende. You have being giving a script to read out like a speech presenter.

    Where have you been all this while to help foster the development of federal constituency and it dilapidated state of nature.

    Embrace equity brother, Ikwuisii have been supportive to your people’s quest to man that now is your turn to be supportive to us.

    Meanwhile you didn’t have anything scholarship running for ten years now let’s stop peddling lies while doing politics.

    BENJAMIN OKEZIE KALU is the right man for this project.


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