Why Umuahia urban is being left to dilapidate is because most of the people who have represented or served in executive capacities didn’t grow up in Umuahia and does not understand how peaceful and beautiful Umuahia was in the seventies and eighties.

    Mr. Mba Ndubuisi the APGA candidate for Umuahia central state constituency said this during an interview session with the Newsmen in Umuahia, he said it is disheartening that a state capital will still be wearing the looks of a glorified village 27 years after its creation.

    The ICT guru said it is absurd that a town as popular and Urban as Umuahia does not have facilities befitting of a state capital, I grew up in this town, and let me tell you, Umuahia has deteriorated, Pa Single said, in the eighties we have pipe borne water, standard intra city transportation system, good infrastructure and standard and neat environment, we don’t have heaps of refuse littered along the road despite having the market and other commercial activities domiciled right inside the city center, Umuahia was still neat and organized then, because our agencies are active and alive to their duties, but what do we have today a disorganized and dark Umuahia where you can’t see night life, insecurity has become a part of our everyday existence and yet no one is talking.

    There are no recreational facilities where you can take your family to and relax, if you don’t have a car in Umuahia you can hardly make movements, this is not the Umuahia that I used to know, take a walk to Isigate any time from 7pm you will be lucky not to lose your belongings to hoodlums and the government is watching without taking any action to correct these societal ills.

    it is unfortunate, some of us that grew up in this town we are pained, things have got to change, we need to change the ways things are being done, we need to bring Umuahia back to the path of development, Umuahia is our own and we must bring it to the taste of what we used to see and enjoy in other towns.

    When asked how he intends to achieve all these? Pa Single said effective legislation is the only tool needed to push the executive into action, you see if you don’t bring up your problems nobody will bring them up for you, most of the people who have represented Umuahia central in the house of assembly have not presented the needs of the people and the town to the executive and that we will do, we have taken stock of what is needed to bring Umuahia to standard and give the people good living, we will push for laws that will necessitate aggressive development, it’s a pity that years of bad governance and selfish representation has made legislative driven development look like rocket science, no, I tell you it’s not, it is working in other states where their representatives identify projects and the executives will get it done, it can happen here if we elect the right people into government, if Dr. Alex Otti becomes the governor in 2019, I assure you with the plan of action that I already have for Umuahia urban here will become so attractive that our people who are living in Lagos and Abuja will have to relocate here because things will move and businesses will expand.

    In those days Chidiebere transport, Golden Guinea, Stanpol, Ceramics, Empire Carpets etc. and so many other government and privately owned industries were operating here because of the enabling environment created by the government then, its people that made it happen and I assure you we can achieve an Umuahia that will be greater than what we have then, it is only effective legislation that can bring about responsible governance.


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