The State Focal Person Social Investment Programme Mr. Chinenye Nwaogu has responded to the spurious allegation on social media concerning N-power beneficiaries being shortchanged.

Abia pulse also privately investigated the matter, placed calls to beneficiaries  and found out that the allegation was unfounded and was merely an act of desperation aimed at tarnishing the image of Mr. Nwaogu.  Thus what we bring you is the rejoinder by Mr. Chinenye Nwaogu which corresponds with our findings:


Earlier today my attention was drawn to some tissues of lies peddled on the social media by some fellows to the effect that I Chinenye Nwaogu opened and operated an account by the name N- Power Programme with one of the commercial banks in Nigeria through which I asked the beneficiaries to pay #1500 for my father’s burial.

I would have ignored it as persons behind this evil story are inconsequential, but to avoid deceiving the unsuspecting public into believing such fallacies.

At no time have I ever opened nor operated any account with the above name. As the State Focal Person in charge of Social Investments of which N-Power is a part, at no time did I solicit for support or compel any beneficiary to contribute any money whatsoever under any guise.

It is on record that Abia Social investment office remains one of the very few in the country that has maintained a high level of integrity in managing these robust social inclusion programmes at no extra cost to the beneficiaries.

On getting wind of this I put a call to some of the beneficiaries to understand the twist to the blackmail, I was told that they are contributing #1500 of which #1000 is for their programme crested T-Shirt for their numerous N-Power Programmes while #300 as a contribution for the burial of one of their deceased members as their personal support to the deceased family, while part is for a social responsibility programme they recently embarked to visit less privileged homes. According to them, #200 was set aside to transport them to my Father’s burial and another function within the time frame. At no time, did they contribute money for me.

I do not think I should have asked them not to attend the burial of my father. I will never ask N-power beneficiaries to give me a dime.

On the account, the beneficiaries resolved that they will operate an account for welfare purpose, where they can easily lay hands in terms of needs such as visiting motherless babies etc. The commercial account which they operate themselves as adults in organization, is to avoid giving money to an individual to keep for the N-power team.

I challenge these blackmailers to provide evidence that I operate any account with such details. I also challenge them to provide evidence of communication or directive compelling any beneficiary to pay money to me directly or indirectly.

Chinenye Nwaogu
State Focal Person Social Investment Programme


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