The politics of our age and time is belaboured by certain primordial and mundane issues that perhaps is as a result of our history as a people and most especially the calibre and character of the kind of leaders we elect.

Today, while other climes talk about issues and the potentials of leaders vying for public office, some of us still grapple with issues like Zoning and rotation. Dullards and never do wells trivialize Governance thereby finding a heaven in the “mmanu akara” mantra and use it as a vehicle to seek public office.

The good news is that change remains constant and our people are gradually becoming politically aware. We have come to that threshold were we have to jettison mundane political practices for the common good of our people.

In Isukwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency for instance where Hon. Nkeiruka Onyejiocha represents, there are countless testimonies and evidences of her unequalled performance.

It will be politically suicidal to look at a woman who has obliterated the fears of the aged, ignited the dreams of the youths and raised the hopes of the younger generation and not vote for her.

A woman whose political trademark is education and human capacity development should not stop anytime soon!

A woman who is driven by the passion to better the lot of those who she represents should not labour to be reelected!

Leadership is like a relay race, what Isukwuato/Umunneochi needs right now is to make sure Hon.Onyejiocha Establishes a leadership center where she will groom younger People into her political ideology. People who will take over from her when she is tired.

Those who graced her declaration few days ago saw the young men in Uniform, a delegation from the Ministry of Aviation from Isukwuato/Umunneochi. Some couldn’t make it because of their duties, while some are outside the country for training and courses. These are young persons whose lives has been given a meaning just because Hon. Nkeiruka Onyejiocha represents them in the National Assembly.

For this reason and other obvious reason, protocol has been broken for her, Isukwuato/Umunneochi cannot afford to gamble when they already have a tested and an outstanding representative.

We want to state that Nkeiruka Onyejiocha remains the solution to the myriads of problems facing our constituency, which she has solved half way, Nothing, not even a matter as trivial as Zoning and rotation can rob us of a continuity in this jolly good ride with this Amazon.

This Publication is courtesy Isukwuato/Umunneochi Aviation workers union!


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