With barely seven days to the National Assembly elections, the candidate of the Young progressive Party (YPP) in Bende Federal Constituency, Dr. Charles Obinna Chukwunaru has intensified his door to door campaigns.

From Ozuitem, to Alayi and Ugwueke, the reception has remained overwhelming as the people listen with rapt attention as he unfolds his agenda for a new Bende; whilst declaring that he has “come to the the people of Bende in the name of the Almighty God who is his only Godfather, as the bridge between the masses and the elite; to rescue the masses from the shackles of mental, physical and spiritual poverty, brought upon them by the leadership imbecility of few satanically wicked political rogues in government.”

Dr. Chukwunaru, a seasoned academician, political technocrat and administrator, promised the masses of Bende that he will deploy his wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as his local and international contacts and connections to ensure that Bende is no longer relegated to the background; whilst declaring that poverty will be eradicated when he gets elected into office, as the dividends of democracy shall be clearly evident in the entire Bende Federal Constituency.

He advised the people to distance themselves from politicians who come around only during election time to buy their votes and their destiny, by logical extension, with peanuts. Dr. Chukwunaru stressed that “the only way to break the vicious cycle of conflicts, crime, poverty, hunger, disease and death in Nigeria is for the masses to say an emphatic NO to rogue politicians, who have mastered the art of buying the masses with pittance in exchange for their support during elections, to continue thieving their resources and destiny. Therefore, it is in the interest of these rogue politicians that the masses remain poor, in order to maintain their criminal enterprise.”

He also intimated the people on the first batch of his training, empowerment and capacity building program that will last for two weeks beginning from Tuesday 12/02/2019. He explained that his youth empowerment program will train and equip thousands of young people in Bende Federal Constituency on their chosen value chain, in the processes of production, distribution and exchange of good and services. He further maintained that he is not interested in giving anyone money to eat and vote for him this time and starve for another four years as practiced by the rogue political establishment in Nigeria; but that he will rather empower the people to feed themselves and their families and also train their children in good schools. He concluded that when elected into office, by the special Grace of the Almighty God, he “shall vigorously and tirelessly work for the elimination of the existing status quo, which has created a very hostile environment for the young people to survive, especially in Eastern Nigeria; in favour of a society defined by the rule of law, equity, natural justice and good conscience; and the elimination of social, economic and political injustices in Nigeria.

In all the communities visited so far, he was received with open hands and heart, while the Eze’s and traditional prime ministers in their various domains, seeing the sincerity of purpose in his campaigns always left him with their Royal blessings, whilst endorsing his candidature.

According to Dr. Chukwunaru, details of the empowerment program which will commence on Tuesday 12th Feb. 2019 will be made public, soon


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