A former Deputy National Chairman of the PDP, Chief Olabode George, yesterday, urged the leadership of the party to be cautious of those who hurriedly defected to APC shortly after the presidential election.

George also said he had no objection to the decision of the party to challenge the outcome of the presidential election won by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking with newsmen, the Lagos PDP leader expressed rage at the way some PDP members hurriedly cross-carpeted, describing the development as “absolutely sacrilegious.”

He said politicians should refrain from displaying “attitude of prostitutes,” saying they should always stand on the side of principle, dedication, loyalty and commitment to the party.

According to him, he had remained consistent in the PDP despite his failed bid to become the national chairman of the party.

He said he believed a genuine member of the party should “sink and swim with the ship” by remaining faithful with the party in thick and thin.

“Within a week, I see people already jumping ship. Where is loyalty, where is dedication?” he asked.

“The party is going to be very conscious now of such characters…

They didn’t even wait. The party is in the course of redeeming what they believe is right before the judiciary, you have jumped ship. If tomorrow the judiciary reverses it, what will happen? You will jump back?”

According to him, the party must do a post-mortem analysis after the elections with a view to reviewing the likely mistakes made and charting a way forward.


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