NDDC Board : Nomination of Nwogu A Relief To Ukwa And Abia People – Ngozi Victor Asonye


    Since the pronouncement of the composition of the new NDDC Board and nomination of Chief Nwogu. N. Nwogu as the Commissioner nominee for Abia State. The people of Ukwa west and the only oil producing LGA wish to express their gratitude to the President for appointing their son into the Governing board of NDDC.

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    Chief Nwogu’s appointment into the board of NDDC is better described as as an act of God. We once again thank the President for his magnanimity and kind gesture in addressing an age long challenge of appointment of non indigenes of Ukwa West into the board of NDDC which often delays membership and representation of Abia State on the board of NDDC. It will be expedient to mention that chief Nwogu N Nwogu is an APC Stalwart and Leader of APC in Ukwa west who has contributed immensely towards the development of the party. He has the pedigree to occupy the position as he possesses the political, technical and administrative competence to run and manage the office of states Representative on the board of NDDC. It is not arguable that he has the experience having spent eight months in the last board before it was dissolved on the 25th of January 2019. His reappointment will offer d opportunity to continue the good work he started in his first appointment as he attracted a number of critical projects to the state which are at various stages of Completion. He would dissipate more efforts in ensuring that those projects are completed while new ones will also be initiated .


    We at this juncture may wish to Benedict Godson the factional APC publicity secretary Abia State to hence forth desist from his campaign of hate and calumny against the nomination of Nwogu N Nwogu as the NDDC Board nominee which is borne out of mischief and sentiment.

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    For clarity purpose it is imparative we put the record straight. Benson should know that Nwogu N Nwogu spent only Eight months in his first appointment and within this short period he attracted numerous projects to the State. No doubt his reappointment will bring more succour to the state as dearth of Infrastructural and human capital development challenge onfronting Abia State will be addressed.
    Therefore we call on Benedict Godson to channel his energy into more productive activities and stop fighting Mr President for nominating Chief Nwogu N Nwogu as Abia nominee on the Board of NDDC


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