Aba Women Protest : Opposition Plans To Attack Women Leaders And Blame It On Abia State Government Uncovered


Press Release

Abia State Government has uncovered plots by desperate opposition politicians to attack the woman that led the recent uniformed procession by some women at Aba along with her group members and make it appear as if it is the government and PDP supporters that carried out the action.

We also wish to inform members of the public and security agencies in the state of another plot by the same opposition politicians to orchestrate a riot in Umuahia and Aba with hired hoodlums from another state engaged to shoot at demonstrators and then turn around to blame it on the state government.

These plans were perfected at a meeting held outside the state with the arrowheads already recruiting foot soldiers to execute their evil plan.

As a truly democratic government, we wholeheartedly welcome genuine grievances expressed within the ambit of the law including peaceful demonstrations, we have however alerted security agencies in the state to the evil plots by these desperate politicians mostly resident outside the state who also wish to use aged pensioners as preliminary baits in their nefarious plan to overwhelm the state and unleash violence on our people.

While we urge law abiding citizens and residents to go about their normal businesses, we strongly advise those behind these plans to desist from them or be ready to bear the full wrath of the law as the state government is taking necessary measures to ensure that the plots are foiled and those involved dealt with appropriately. Anyone who fails to abide by this warning does so at his or her own peril.

Thank you.

Dr Ukpai Agwu Ukpai
Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor


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