New Year : One Destiny Organisation Felicitates With Abians/Nigerians


As we step into the brand new year, 2020
I Ohiri O Lewis on behalf of the One Destiny Organisation, ( ODO )wish Nigerians /Abians both at home and in the diaspora happy and eventful new year.

This New Year shall bring forth all the good things we wish and more.

In the same vein, let this new year teach us especially the leaders and political office holders in Nigeria / Abia state to re-evaluate the roles we play in the development of the states.

The political class in the states should know that no king reigns forever and therefore change their ways and work towards making the masses the fulcrum of their policies.

Recent developments in the polity should tell all political leaders whether present or past that there are consequences for all our actions in office.

They should know that there are consequences for infringing on other peoples rights and denying them what’s due to them.

As we enter into this new year with great joy, may our leaders in this states focus on people oriented projects, embrace peace, remember the transience of power, and leave positive legacies worthy of emulation.

Let the New Year strengthen our resolve to be good at all times, let the leaders stand up and be counted and let them bear at the back of their minds that no king reigns forever.

Happy New Year all
National coordinator
One Destiny Organization ( ODO)


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