Nollywood Movies Promoting Money Rituals, Laundering And Kidnapping – Fashola


    Without doubt, one of the common themes in Nollywood is money rituals . While such stories could be entertaining , especially with the mystical manipulations embedded in them , Minister of Works and Housing and former governor of Lagos State , Babatunde Fashola , during the week asked moviemakers to stop telling such stories, because , according to him , money ritual is a myth .

    Fashola , who was the guest speaker at the fourth annual public lecture /symposium organised by the United Action for Change , themed , ‘ Security of citizens as a social contract ’, said that belief system , reinforced through Nollywood movies , could be fuelling kidnapping, given the number of persons the police have arrested with human skull and other body parts , with the motive of money ritual .

    But the former governor , who titled his lecture , ‘ Insecurity: Taking actions against organised crime ’ , however , said it was high time moviemakers and policymakers changed the narrative , to save innocent lives from being wasted .

    Fashola said, “ Some people believe that if you get a man’s head or a woman ’ s body parts, they could be turned into money . It ’ s not true ! And when you ask people who believe in it if they have seen it happen before , they tell you someone said they had seen it .

    “ However, it has become a reinforced belief through entertainment , social media and Nollywood. How can human head bring money ? Money is paper invented by man, not God . They put the paper in a machine to print what we call money and that is the only place money comes from .

    “ But the challenge is the belief system . Just think about how many people have been missing – through kidnapping – because some people believe that it exists . The police could tell us the number of people they have apprehended with human parts , such as skulls . This belief system must go .

    “ Therefore, all of us, including those who make the films , must reverse the story and start selling a new story that money is printed in a machine and not through any other way like money rituals. ”

    He also faulted the fears that engulfed the populace last year when there were reports that cyber fraudsters were stealing women ’s briefs to make money .

    Fashola said , “ It is not true , or how does that happen ? What is the connection between paper ( money ) and cotton ( pants ) or has anybody seen cotton money before? Those of us who have influence and authority must take positions to see to the reversal of this kind of beliefs .”

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