Abia PDP Congress In Focus 2 – The Road We Should Travel If We Must Triumph


Abia PDP Congress In Focus 2

Inter alia , we applauded the wonderful accomplishments of Abia PDP family for the excellent report of the Congress Committee by micro zoning the position of the PDP Chairman to Ukwa.

We also thanked the Committee for the quality of her submission which in all considerations is meticulous, conscience driven and progressively minded .

The Congress Committee, ably lead by Arc. Benson Ezem have set the modalities of PDP State Congress rolling without much ado.

In same article, we consciously thanked the Abia State PDP Caucus that made the modus operandi a means to an end, rather than an end to a means.

These thank you from Ukwa people were rendered to the Governor of Abia State ; Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph. D, to our dear Senators , to the the State Party Chairman and those who made the Congress guidelines approval or acceptance possible.

Today, as we may comprehend, the Ward Congress have come and gone peacefully, less of rift and acrimony.

In no time too distant, it will be the LGA congress and consequently the State congress.

May we start this early to thinker the capacity of those who can manage our party effectively at our LGA’s and very Importantly the State.

This is where we shall still labour the Ukwa people not to frail in their choice of the man to mount the saddle of the Chairman of PDP Abia State.

Sentiments, vindictiveness, bias, selfishness and insensitive thoughts must be set aside to make this very important decision.

If one may ask, is this the time to showcase those who had from time and times failed in their Units , Wards or sold us out because we failed to agree with their singular interest to the detriment of our Party’s communal interest and existence?

Our choice of Party chairman should go beyond parochial sentiments and tilt towards those who have remained loyal in thick and thin.

This is the time we must insist on our Party members aspiring for this very important position to parade their Unit and Ward results.

Can we in all manner of sensitivity allow any PDP member with failed Unit and or Ward results to lead PDP Abia State?

Your guess is as good as mine.

We must get it right so that we can build on the achievements of the present PDP Executives.

The time is now.

From Kingsley Agumba


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