The Enyimba Mall : Introducing An All New Experience To Shopping In Abia State


The commercial hub of Abia state, Aba ,is gearing up to have a modern world class shopping mall, The Enyimba Mall (outlet shops) around Etche Road. The innovation is a brain child of an illustrious son of Abia state, Chiedozie Obinna  Njoku , a successful businessman  in Diaspora.

While speaking with pressmen in Aba, Mr. Njoku gave the reasons why he decided to come back home and invest in Aba.

His words: “Some of us are always been looking forward to when we will come back home and do something, so I decided to practicalise it, that’s  exactly how the concept of this came about. It so unfortunate that the Aba we grew up is not what it is today so I decided to come and see what I can do.


“I decided that Aba doesn’t just need a shopping mall but Aba needed a very conducive and environmental friendly place to shop. We decided to build something that will not only accommodate people but also attract people to Aba”

The proposed facility for the ongoing project includes:

  • Over 10,000 square/meters of shopping arcades.
  • A solar powered standby electricity unit.
  • Food court with seating capacity ranging from 20-70 seats.
  • Independent water supply system.
  • Private security network.
  • Adequate multi car park.
  • Conducive and environmental friendly shopping shopping arcades.
  • Adequate convenience.
  • Close circuit CCTV surveillance cameras.
  • Waste disposal system.
  • Management office building.
  • Corporate offices.
  • Lounge/Restaurant.

While speaking to pressmen, Chidozie also revealed that the project has minimal government backing.

“What we have in Abia state is public private partnership, the land is actually owned by Abia state. We applied for the use of the land and after going through the normal processes and pay the necessary fees to have the land, we have worked out a percentage of whatever we are generating from here, we make sure that Abia state gets a percentage but it’s purely private financed.”He revealed.


Chigozie also spoke on how the sighting of the project is of benefit to the environment.

“With this project going on here, 8 have been able to take care of the environment and the security of this place because before we came here, this environment happens to be the most dirty and fitly environment in Aba, and this has also helped the government to reduce some casualties here, what we have done here is to help the community and the government“ Chigozie assured.

Chigozie also asked all well meaning Abians to contribute their quota to the development of the state rather than leaving it for the government alone.

“Every time we will be complaining and looking for whom to blame, let us contribute our on quota.

“We are building something that will stand the test of time. We don’t just want to be symbolic but also strategic. In the next twenty years am sure this place will be better than how its looking now. This project is estimated to be about one billion and 70million naira.” Chigozie added.

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The project is planned to be completed by October. Meanwhile, people are already picking the expression of interest form for to accommodate various sections of the outlet mall.

Also reacting to the question of fire prevention from the facilities, he said a better technology is  in place on the deck of the building to prevent any spread of fire to the entire building and every fire outbreak preventing measures and response are been put in place.

“The decking before the roof  is a fireproof to secure to stalls. Between every 15 metre perimeter we have a fire out draft and two private pore holes. We also plan to donate a fire fighting machine to the fire fighters .”


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