[Opinion] Continuity : Reason Why Destiny Nwagwu Should Continue From Where Prestige Stopped – Duke Atulomah


Aba and Abia State still mourns. The reality of the demise of Hon. Ossy Prestige is yet to sink into the minds of the average Aba person.

This reality stems from the fact that Hon, Prestige was closely knitted to Aba people.

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He was not just a representative; he lived among them, did his business among them, dwelled with them and was there for them.

Hon. Prestige understood the problems of Aba and was assiduously working towards ameliorating them until death cut short these dreams and visions.

Duke Atulomah

It is on record that he initiated the opening of Ohanku/Ngwa road which the state government has keyed into today. He was that visionary.

We all know that one of the greatest problems militating against development in Nigeria today is lack of continuity.

Politicians, once they are elected they throw away all the visions and sometimes even destroy laudable foundations laid by their predecessor, Imo state is an example of this anathema.

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If we all agree that Hon. Prestige was doing wonderfully well before his visions and dreams were aborted by an untimely death, the question that should be in the mind of every Aba voter should be : Who Can Best Continue With The Blueprint of Hon. Ossy Prestige.

The answer to this question is not far fetched!

Hon. Destiny Akaraka Nwagwu is an ardent follower, believer and disciple of Hon. Prestige who stood solidly with him till death and is part and parcel of the Prestige Family.

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He is the only one who understands and can therefore interpret and run with the visions of Hon. Prestige.

Thus, as the drums of electioneering begins to once again sound in Aba, Ndi Aba should ignore the knights in shining armour luring them with lucid baits meant only to snatch their mandate and disappear as usual and vote for the home breed, cool headed, unassuming and accessible gentleman, Hon. Destiny Nwagwu for a continuity of the effective representation already entrenched in Aba.

Duke Atulomah Writes From United Kingdom


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