Aro Kingdom Displays Rich Culture And Tradition As They Lay Their Monarch Late HRM Eze Ogbonnaya Okoro(Eze Aro) To Rest – See Photos


The burial rites of His Majesty, late Mazi Ogbonna Okoro, CFR, Eze Aro, the traditional ruler of Arochukwu kingdom in Abia north of Abia state was held on Monday with a very rich traditional display.

The well organized event was held at the Civic Centre, an imposing edifice completed in the reign of Late Mazi Ogbonna Okoro, Eze Aro.

Alex Otti, a former guber aspirant of Abia State and other top Aro born personalities of the Kingdom and representatives of neighbouring communities graced the occasion.

The Late Eze Aro was in born March 6, 1932 into the family of Maxi Okoro Asi Eko of Arochukwu ruling house.

With the death of Previous Eze Aro in 1987, he was presented to the Aro Kingdom as their new Eze in 1988. After a period of interregnum, he was crowned as Eze Aro. It took the whole of seven years for him to be crowned on March 31, 1995.

Describing the reign of late Ezr Aro, Prof Mazi Okoro Ijeoma said the late Eze Aro was a great man, highly endowed, highly educated, humble, polite, simple in manner, very respectful, and a man of peace.

“He has created a lot of voyage in Aro, in fact in Igbo land”

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Speaking to Abia Pulse News online about the attracting government’s presence to Aro community, the late Eze Aro was said to have helped influencing road projects.

“We have had a road that is in repair and it was one of those agonies that bisect him while he was alive, so as an enduring legacy, the roads to Aro are to be fixed because that is how we can grow economically and socially. Prof. Ijeoma added.

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The event was also attend virtually by Arochukwu’ sons and daughters in diaspora. They also made speeches as regards their joy and confidence in the organizers of the event and thanked all that took out time to attend.


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