[Opinion]: Rt. Hon Cosmos Ndukwe – Celebrating An Icon @ 58

Cosmos Ndukwe

It was Sir Walter Lippmann who opined that “the final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him, in other men the conviction and will to carry on”.

From the above assertion, one can conclude that a true leader is that one that not only teaches you but also encourages and supports his followers to live independent of him. That leader does not use the poverty and needs of his followers as a bait to retain their loyalty. Rather he does everything within his powers to see that they not only succeed but also flourish and expand.

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In today’s Abia Politics where chartered politicians have steeped their roots into the system, men who have no second address apart from politics and political appointment, these same men are inculcating same very wrong orientation into our young men who now see political appointments as their only means of survival.

In the midst of these anomalies, one man stands out and stands very tall!

A man who have carved a niche for himself, as a captain of industry. A man on whose shoulders several youths are climbing to limelight and out of poverty. A man who truly believes that job creation is one of the most effective ways of curbing crime and youth restiveness. A king fisher and wealth creator.

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That man is Rt. Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe and fortunately it pleased God to add another glorious year to his impactful life today.

Man of God is officially 58 today!

Beyond the euphoria of political office, Chief Cosmos Ndukwe has a well thought out plan for the uplifting and empowering the myriads of youths who seek succour with him.

Unlike most optical politicians today, he didn’t do that by issuing stipends which makes the youths perpetual beggars, rather he created various employment opportunities all within Abia state.

As we celebrate Man of God to the glory of God today, and without sounding immodest, we make bold to say that he stands tall as one of the highest employers of labour in Abia, with close to 1000 youths directly employed in his different establishments.

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From Luxury City Hotels to Luxury Royals and Sugar land. From Rainbow Press to Luxury Recording Studio and Musical Academy.

From Luxury Farms To Conk Electronics and Home Appliances are saved spaces secured for Abia and Nigerian youths for employment and a decent livelihood.

Today we roll out our drums to celebrate this icon and enigma who God has used to elevate the youths of Abia state and Nigeria not just politically but in all spheres of human endeavor.

We join the widows and indigent women in Item and Bende who are perennial beneficiaries of his milk of human kindness, the sick whose medical bills constantly accrue to him, the students whose schools fees are his burden to pray for more years to this icon.

Keep living Sir, God is not yet done with you.

Happy Birthday Rt Hon Chief Cosmos Ndukwe Ph.D

Comrade Chris Nkuma Writes From Ohafia


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