[Opinion]: That Isuikwuato District Will Produce Next Governor of A.B.I.A


That’s the slogan, an obvious & consistent fact which all patriotic, right thinking, free born/true Ikwu-Ato sons & daughters, people of the larger District & the entire A.B.I.A citizens must align with & sing like an anthem. That has to be, for justice, fairness, equity, progress & good conscience.

To contemplate, suggesg or say otherwise, by anyone, in any situation, circumstance or guise, shall be seen as a great diservice, diverssionary & disrespect to Abians & to accept that a state of anarchy prevails in the state. It is safe to say that such people must therefore, be held to account or responsible for the obvious consequences.

*It is important to re-state the fact or emphasise, once more, that our agitation, as a District, is not & has never been based on political party afiliation or divide, but on zero party basis. Our philosophy of unalignment is to encourage our people to be united at the home front, as one united family, fight at the state & their respective political party levels, to secure the ticket & count on the support of the entire *lsuikwuato District* to the contest.

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What we want & which is of primary interest/importance to us, as a people, is not political party, but to produce the next A.B.I.A state Governor & any political party which offers that, becomes the one of choice & wins the total support & hearts of the people of our District . Period!

Our sons & daughters who desire or aspire to contest, are assured of a level playing field, equal opportunities, the love, solidarity & support of our District to succeed. They are all in our hearts & prayers.

Consistent with tradition & to ensure that peace, harmony, love, good understanding prevail, for us to live out the dreams of A.B.I.A FOUNDING FATHERS, articulated/expressed in THE CHARTER of EQUTY, we urge all the major political parties, in the state, to cede their tickets or platforms, for the 2023 Abia governorship election, to aspirants from our District. In the event that happends, we shall sit down, as a people, to discuss & agree on the way forward.

In the spirit of the Abia Chater of Equity & belief in the hard struggle, desire, dream & respect to our founding fathers’ design for the transition of power from one block to the other, which was contained therein, has been followed officially in the state.

That was the case when Dr Ogbonnaya Onu assumed power for the first letter ‘A’or Afikpo Division*. Afikpo was then part of Abia state.

It was also followed when Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu, from lgbere in Abia north, went next for the letter ‘B’ or Old Bende Division.

Isuikwuato District or the letter ‘I’ was to go next, but we accepted the reasoning or explanation given that fairness & justice were to be considered in producing the next governor:
That accounted for why Sen TA Orji, though from Old Bende, but Abia Central Senatorial Zone, had to go to ensure that the governorship did not have to stay in Abia north for 16 years or too long, if Isuikwuato District had insisted & taken their turn at the time. Fair indeed!

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Then the current Governor, H E, Dr Okezie Victor lkpeazu is taking the turn of Old Aba Division or the last letter ‘A’ in the name or acronym, A.B.I.A.

From all indications & the explanations given above, the good & loyal people of Isuikwuato Distrct or the letter ‘I’ in A.B.I.A, had accepted to make the ultimate sacrifice for peace & smooth transition or rotation of power in Abia state. They supported & served in all the administrations listed above. Their son was even the Chairman of the ruling party & supervised the election of the last two Governors. It was never born out of fear, timidity or ignorance, but for the love & unity of Abia.

The people of Isiikwuato District believe & rightly too, that it is now their turn to take a shot at the Abia governorship, a state they gave so much from the time of agitation to it’s creation & to the present day. They believe that all men & women of goodwill, will give them the total & unqualified support they need to prpduce the next governor, for the good, progress & peace of Abia.

The best & most civilised way to agitate for power, l believe, should be based on content & superior arguement which we offer.

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Am not sure any other block, whose elders or fathers participated in the fight to create Abia, was recognised by their contemporaries by includiding their initial in the name of the state A.B.I.A, will not fight or be encouraged to take their rightful turn in leadership.

It is important to state here that, Isuikwuato District, comprising of lsuikwuato & Umunneochi LGAs, joined the agitation & fight for the creation of Abia state, from the Old Okigwe Division of the Old Imo state. They had to do so for the new state to meet the population requirement to be created & never looked back.

We are in a democracy & as true democrats, must expect & appreciate people with discenting voices & opinions, different from ours. The winning strategy is to remain steadfast, hold on to the things we believe in & fight at all fronts, with tenacity of purpose & focus.

We hope that majority of Abians, will reciprocate & give us their support, for the good of Abia.
That does it.

My take.
Sir Dave Agwalla, Okwadike.


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