Save Nigeria From Looming Bloodshed, War, Economic Disaster – Concerned Igbo Leaders Forum Call on United Nations, African Union, Israel, USA


    The Leadership of Concerned Igbo Leaders Forum, has condemned in it’s entirety the security state of the Nation and call on World Powers to step in now and save the lives of innocent citizens of Nigeria who are being slaughtered daily in their thousands on the alter of politics and maladministration of Nigeria Leaders.

    Speaking from Umuahia Abia State Hon Obinna Ndukwe Ibiam said that Nigeria is at war with itself because of unnecessary hatred and rancho between the Northern Fulani and the Southern Nigeria, Ibiam asked how on earth should Northern Fulani men move comfortably from the North to Abia State University to kidnap innocent students and demand ransom for the safe release of an Igbo blood?

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    Ibiam said that Nigeria would’ve been playing in the same league with Israel, South Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Dubai, but here we’re languishing in abject poverty, hunger, diseases and death.

    If our Leaders sit together and dialogue sincerely and selflessly, Nigeria can feed herself and supply 24 hours uninterrupted free electric power supply, and produce exportable goods and services to the entire Africa and the world.

    The Youngest Special Adviser to the Governor said that, Nigeria has the Natural and Human resources to invent everything we import from China because of the ingenuity and talents of our young ones.

    We have no reason to import food as we’re blessed with all kinds of mineral and chemical resources to develop the country but all of these are story for the God’s because of selfish Leaders, who are busy celebrating mediocrity and unmerited political powers, who’s only interest are self centered, laughing, and enjoying on the blood of the masses who are busy working tirelessly to feed their families, protect themselves and pay taxes.

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    He said that, it is uncalled-for to experience the baberic situation where the security agencies are not adequately prepared funded and energised to nip Insecurity to the bud while our Leaders are dumfounded watching helplessly as the skulls and blood of their electorate role and flows for no just cause.

    Ibiam opined that, Modern Ranching is the way to go and should be the order of the day as open grazing and intrusion of territories and boundaries in the name of cattle grazing is archaic and should be jettisoned if we need peace in Nigeria.


    Ibiam called on Igbo Leaders to speak up now or forever remain silent as the Youths will soon take up arms to defend themselves since it seems that, the security architecture of the Nation has collapsed.

    He said there is need for National dialog where the Northern Fulanis and the Southern Nigeria should sit together and chart a new way forward to run this nation Nigeria devoid of security threats as no Nation survive in enmity between itself.

    In a separate remark the Young ebullient politician thank Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu for his Youths inclusive government and proactive measures in securing lives and properties of Ndi Abia, revealing that any tribe that sits together and dialogue can never get it wrong when it comes to peace and development.


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