[Opinion]: People Like Prof Gregory Ibe Come Once In A Generation – AhuNnanya Prosper

Gregory Ibe

Chancellor and founder of Gregory University Uturu, have been described as a phenomenon, and an uncommon man whose love for education and humanity is unimaginable.

Ahunaya Prosper, a student of Gregory University Uturu, stated this at Izima chambers, during an interaction between scholars under the scholarship of professor Gregory Ibe and the registrar, Rev Sleek Ogbonnaya Ogwo.

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Prosper, said that what Professor Ibe had done was what many of them expected from government, “many of us do not have hope of furthering our education in any of the public higher institutions, let alone attending a prestigious private university like Gregory University Uturu. Our presence here was made possible by our Chancellor, Professor Ibe, he gave us complete scholarship without any hiding charges. There are few people who can do this, he is truly a God sent to us”. he concluded.

Rev. Ogbonnaya Ogwo, admonished them to be good ambassadors of their benefactor stressing that the only way to pay Professor Gregory Ibe, back was for them to excel in their studies and do better in life. “I can tell you much about Professor Gregory Ibe, the only thing that make him happy was for those he gave scholarship to succed. You are ambassadors of Gregory Ibe, and as such, your attitude and action should be able to attract goodwill to him. People should identify you with everything good and that will rub off on his image “

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Rev Ogbonnaya Ogwo, charged them to tell the world about the man Gregory Ibe, stressing that he intends to build Abia State of their collective dreams, “what you people have is what many have craved for, but could not. Therefore, you should go out there and tell people about this man who gave you this golden opportunity. From what Gregory Ibe, has done as a private citizen, you can agree with me that if given the mandate to govern Abia he will transform it, therefore, why not go to your wards, polling units and preach Gregory Ibe and best way to do that is by being a good example. Your performances will either encourage him to do more or discourage him, the ball is in your court”he said.

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Recall that Gregory Ibe gave scholarship to over 100 persons spread across the 17 LGA of Abia State and beyond.

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