Abia Info Boss Refutes Allegations of N5B Alleged To Be Laundered Through ABSIEC – Urges Abia Assembly To Organize Lectures For Some Legislators


    The Abia state commissioner for information and strategy Dr. Eze Chikamnayo has urged the speaker of Abia State House of Assembly to organize an extra mural lessons for those he called “renegade” legislators.

    Dr. Chikamnayo made this call while reacting to the recent revelations made by the minority leader Abia State House of Assembly Hon Chijioke Chukwu, wherein he alleged that the Sum of N5B was laundered out of the state through the Abia State Independent Electoral Commission under the leadership Prof Mkpa Agu Mkpa.

    According to the Information Boss, “the House of Assembly as Constituted today, made up of honourable and reputed men, deserves our collective respect.”

    “Thus everyone who finds himself in that house ought to comport himself in a respectable manner”.

    “Unfortunately “hirelings” like Chijioke Chukwu are beginning to make people believe they have the capacity to turn the house of Assembly to a house of noisemakers and we will not allow that because in that house we have reputable men, with strong and sound pedigree”.

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    “If he had ran through a party wherein he was made to pass through the mills before appearing on the ballot, he should have known that before you come to the public to make weighty allegations, the onus of prove falls back on you, in law, we say he who Alleges must Prove”.

    “The allegations he made only exist in the cocoons of his imagination and are all false”.

    “If he understands how serious governance is, if Chijioke was not a product of political accident, he should have known that before he comes out to make such weighty allegations, he should arm himself with the truth and a prove”.

    “So I want to warn Hon. Chijioke and his likes to stop converting Abia state House of Assembly to a House of Noisemakers because the remaining reputable members in the house deserve our respect”.

    “Again, the allegations he made are false in all it’s material implication. They are libelous to the highest order, for which the state reserves the right to take the necessary legal actions”.

    “Is N5B a small amount for a parastatal to launder? Meanwhile you know that Money laundering is a serious criminal offence and not a civil matter.”


    “If Chijioke was not sleeping and waking up in trances, he would have been going to specifics, telling who and who are involved. To put a whole organization together and say they laundered money, is it the Chairman, or secretary or Admin Sec or the lawyers in the legal department?

    “I think we have to make a law that before anyone is elected into offices like the House of Assembly the person should be first of all checked to ensure the person is psychological and emotional test to ensure the person is sound”.

    On the call by Hon Chijioke Chukwu that the state Government should apologize to the Federal government for alleging that the Federal is hindering infrastructural development in the state, the commissioner said “Chijioke Chukwu is an apology himself, and we can not apologize to someone who is an apology. He is an apology to legislation”.

    “Immediately after every election, politics ends, every elected officer no matter his party leaning uses their influence to attract development to his area”.

    “Look at road that leads to his village, it’s a federal road, what has Chijioke done about it, I can bet you that Chijioke has not traveled to Abuja to interface with any Federal ministry or department aside from sight seeing.”

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    “In Abia what we expect is that those legislators from the APC like Chijioke to leverage on their influence and contact within their party to attract Federal presence to Abia State while those in PDP will aggregate the state resources for the development of the state. That synergy takes center stage after politics”.

    “I challenge Chijioke to show me any evidence that he has entered any Federal ministry to talk about Abia state or his constituency”.

    “Even the school feeding program he mentioned, the Federal Government captured only three classes(Primary 1-3) but Abia state Government deemed it necessary to include primary 4-6 and JSS 1-3, that is the synergy we are talking about.”

    “Only those who have not been in government for long will begin to draw a dichotomy between synergies between different stratas of Government”.

    He concluded by urging the Speaker to organize a refresher course on Governance for some House members so that will come to terms with what Governance is all about.


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