The Case of Mrs Zazi Esther David, The Woman Accused of Forcing Hot Water Down The Throat of Her 10 Year Old Maid Comes Up Monday At Umuahia High Court Complex


The case between the Commissioner of Police versus Zazi Esther David the woman accused of forcing hot water down the throat of her 10year old maid Ifunanya Edeh in August last year in Umuahia comes up on Monday at the High Court Complex in Umuahia.

The court will hear witness testimony as well as an application for bail.

Recall that two previous bail applications had failed as the judge had ruled that the accused will jeopardize the case and witness.

Mrs Esther Zazzi David a resident of Umuahia had in August last year poured hot water on the body of her maid leading to multiple burns on the victim. The case had been charged to court and the accused remanded in prison custody.

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Meanwhile, Chief Press Secretary to the Wife of the Governor, Mr Chika Ojiegbe has said the wife of the governor is still bearing cost for the Ifunanya Edeh’s treatment and is determined to ensure the girl gets the best possible treatment.
The statement in full:


This statement is made in response to several requests by the media and concerned Nigerians on the current status of Little Miss Ifunanya Edeh, the 10 year old victim whose case of serial physical abuse sparked off national interest and condemnation in August last year after her mistress, Mrs. Esther Orjiugo Zazi Kelechi David forced hot water down the young child’s throat for reportedly breaking a plate.
At the time of the incident, the damage to Ifunanya’s throat made it difficult for her to speak. Intensive medical Investigations also revealed that the attack on Ifunaya resulted in OESOPHAGEAL AND PYLORIC STENOSIS, which, in layman’s terms simply means there was extensive damage to her oesophagus and stomach making it difficult for food to enter her stomach, and leading to her diet being restricted to only fluids and semi-solids by medical care experts.
The serial abuse and brutalization by Mrs Esther Zazi David also resulted in Ifunanya suffering a broken collar bone as well as first and second degree burns, cuts and scarring over 70 percent of her body.
At the time of this occurrence, the Wife of the Governor of Abia State, Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu, took over care and medical expenses of Miss Ifunanya Edeh whose indigent family could not afford to carry the burden of the treatment.
She was first flown to Nizamiye Hospital, Abuja for medical care but the case proved challenging and she later referred to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where she is being seen by a top team of pediatric gastroenterologists and cardio-thoracic consultants. She is being primed for a very major surgery to correct her damaged oesophagus and stomach.
The First Lady of Abia State Mrs Nkechi Ikpeazu is totally committed to sponsoring all medical care that will see Ifunanya get a clean bill of health and resume normal life as soon as possible. Already the young girl’s education has suffered setbacks because of this terrible incident.
Mrs. Ikpeazu is Chairman of the State Action Committee on Gender Based Violence, is also interested in seeing that justice is done for Ifunanya. Fortunately, the case has been charged before a competent court after police investigations and the alleged perpetrator remanded in prison custody by the State High Court.
The case is being prosecuted by the State Ministry of Justice and there is confidence that the prosecution and the court will ensure justice is carried out.
Recall that the wife of the Governor had earlier directed the State Action Committee Against Gender Based Violence to follow up on the case and work with relevant stakeholders including International Federation of Women Lawyers – FIDA, the Child Protection Network, the National Human Rights Commission, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons, NAPTIP and others. These agencies and the media are monitoring the case.
This case is perceived to be a landmark case as it is being tried using the newly introduced Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law of Abia State.
Chief Press Secretary.

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