Opinion: Attn – Ndi Ukwa La Ngwa Elders Council, On Equity We Stand


I read with dismay the publication by a group known as Ukwa La Ngwa Council of Elders, stating that Senator T A Orji should allow the incumbent governor anoint his successor.

Let me state categorically that Senator TA.Orji is not interested or willing to anoint anybody as governor of Abia state come 2023, rather he is interested in Power rotation as enshrined in Abia Charter of Equity.

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The incumbent governor can anoint whoever he wishes but let the anointed one come from Abia North Senatorial Zone.

Ochendo has conscience, he Stands for the truth and can never compromise no matter the amount of lobbying or inducement.

Be informed that a governor anointing his successor does not guarantee victory for the Party at the polls.

For instance, in our neighboring state, Imo state, former governor Rochas Okorocha anointed his successor but he lost at the polls. Also in Ekiti state, as tough as governor Fayose was yet his anointed successor failed to win election. What of governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa state and governor Amosun of Ogun state both failed to install their anointed son as governor of their state.

In politics today, anything can happen, who would have believed that the former senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki ,known as the political warlord and kingmaker in Kwara state would lose an election to return to the senate.


Ndi Ukwa la Ngwa should note that the current electoral reform has reduced drastically the influence of incumbent governors in conduct of general election.

I believe by now we might have learnt some lessons from the past elections. What we need now is a candidate that possess good and outstanding leadership qualities, one whose competency is not in doubt. Insisting on governor’s anointed son from the sane clan(Ngwa) is to me a risky and ethnicity politics and might spell doom for the party.

In all sincerity, power rotation is one of the factors that have contributed to the relative political stability, peace, and security in the state.

As I said before ‘An elder does not sit at home and watch a tethered goat deliver’

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The decision Senator T A Orji has taken is for the best interest of the party (PDP) and the state in general . He wants the party to continue being in power even after his retirement from active politics in 2023.

A good political leader is one who is capable to take decisions, determined to work for the betterment of the people, has the willingness to manage and rectify issues and most importantly the capacity to evaluate circumstances and make a judgement based on what will be better for the majority . These are exactly what OCHENDO has done.


Chinweuba Wachukwu


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