Abia Guber 2023: Nana/Ofuji Combo – The Economic Jackpot Abia Cannot Afford To Miss


    Today, Abia is experiencing a serious socio economic gridlock.

    The Health sector, which is the most important in human existence, is facing tremendous challenges. The morale of our health workers is very low.

    The Educational sector, which forms and shapes the future and our teachers who should imbibe the virtues that will help secure the future are not motivated at all.

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    The Pensioners who represent the spirit of patriotism and who should be the models of our reward system are neglected and left to wallow in penury and imminent death.

    Yet, we blame no one, because trading blames will not change the status quo, neither will condemnation reverse our pains and circumstances!

    Time is far spent and an opportunity for a new beginning beckons!

    Yes, Gov Ikpeazu has tried his best, but the jarring infrastructural deficit needs an urgent and frontal attention iced with a youthful zest to drive the efforts home speedily!

    The opportunity for Ndi Abia to land an economic jackpot has presented itself again!

    Once again and through the ballot, we can reverse our fortunes and joyfully herald a new era through our votes!

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    The Abia YPP Governorship Candidate and his deputy has presented Abia with a Golden opportunity for a glorious future!

    Of all the candidates vying to Govern Abia, the Nana parades the most verifiable evidence and history of wealth creation and economic stability within the shortest possible time

    Besides his alluring young and green credentials, Nana towers above his counterparts having achieved so much; given so much; invested so much, both in the economy of the state and in the lives of the citizenry!

    Beyond being the meekest, the most hospitable and empathetic, he is the only one with a clear cut vision of how to rebuild Abia.

    Let’s not be carried away by mere Party politics!


    Let the new horizons we can usher in not be Matryed on the alters of clannish considerations.

    Let’s not be swayed by the momentary pleasures of pecuniary gains and selfishly uphold them over and above the collective welfare of our people.

    Poverty, hardship, and deprivations are devoid of clannish colourations, thus the desire to end them which is a mutual desire, should unite us!

    The Nana/Ofuji movement is the winning ticket for Abia’s economic Jackpot and should be supported by every sane Abians!

    Arise and join the movement!

    Mazi Phillip Kalu Nnanna
    Writes from Obinkita Arochukwu


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