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Welcome to Abia Pulse News online Private Policy Page.

Our Privacy policy is tailored according to international standards, operational the world over!


Abia Pulse Newsonline is Liable to every content published on our site as we make sure we verify and reconfirm the minutest piece of information before dishing out.

We keep to the ethics of Journalism and will not engage in any act that will bring our rising profile to disrepute.


The author of any Comment following every post on our platform is liable to his comments and we go an extra mile to scrutinize comments before approving them and in doing that we try not to infringe on our subscribers freedom of speech.


We outsource data and moat times our information are gathered first hand. Our website is safe and our visitor’s information are highly valued and protected.


All Adverts running on Abia Pulse News online are sponsored after verifying their authenticity, in order to protect our followers. Pornographic materials, Scam, Malware and other illegal contents are strictly prohibited on our website.

Feel free to surf our web, as we expect a very robust outcome from your visit!